2017 Dash - Pedals spin but don’t engage crank


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I’ve moved on from iZip but I do have this Dash, a replacement for a 2016 Dash I bought that I went through two motor replacements with and was told that the motors that year were essentially faulty because the torque sensing was not adequately integrated. Anyways, I love going 28 mph, unfortunately due to izips terrible warranty policy (from date of purchase only whether product was faulty or not. Bosch and others reset warranties if there is a problem requiring replacement) and the incompetence of my LBS (went to get new brake pads and a new chainwheel or have the existing chainwheel hammered flat to stop the chain from moving which was affecting shifting and causing the chain to slip occasionally, then they sent the motor to a machine shop, which is not what you do even if there’s a motor problem, which there wasn’t) my Dash is messed up.

A few rides after the unwanted “motor repair”, I stepped in the pedal and it slipped down hard, completely disengaged from the crank. I had to ride a couple blocks to a friend nearby using the cadence sensor assist alone with no help from the actual bicycle drivetrain.

I hate looking at this bike in my garage knowing what it can do. (28 mph > 20 mph). I hate it even more so after dealing with izip and Chawn Weingarten. One of the most infuriating experiences in customer service ever. After I told him the motor was sent to a machine shop by the dealer he said that’s against policy and any motor issues are dealt with through sending in for replacement. When I pressed further after getting nowhere with my incompetent LBS (without getting my $160 back for the “machine shop bill”) Chawn said that they don’t get involved in things between dealers and customers.

What!? These are people you are trusting as ambassadors of your brand. They are helping the customer and when they fail so badly like in my case, there needs to be accountability. But there is ZERO. Izip leaves you hanging out to dry while still allowing my LBS to sell and service their bikes. That is insane.

I have a long correspondence of emails with Mr. Weingarten, and I’ve seen good things said about him on here time and again but that’s usually someone happy they got basic customer service things done. I’ve been there with izip myself, thinking it was great customer service.

The truth is, they built themselves up selling TranzX garbage with poorly integrated sensors then sold faulty bikes at a slashed price only to replace them down the line after two motor failures with a new bike that now has a giant dent in its warranty and the same garbage motor brand, just without a torque sensor. And they treat you like garbage for bringing up how this is slightly shady practice and completely stonewall you when their dealers screw your over. Instead of forcing accountability onto their dealer who screwed me over, Chawn Weingarten suggested I get in touch with a lawyer for my “issue with the LBS”. That is wrong on so many levels and I won’t rest until my bike is running again or izip changes policy,

Chawn said it’s probably a motor issue, The motor runs fine, it’s the bottom bracket that seems screwed. The pedals just spin and spin without turning the crank. If it’s an integrated system and it is the motor, then it’s because the dealer they trust to represent their brand ignored me (I had no motor problems, there was no rhyme or reason for this “repair”) and company policy on motor issues, yet izip doesn’t care - at all. So, so, so frustrating.

Anyone experience any issues like this? How much is a TranzX M16 and how can I buy one? Unless I can put a diff motor on, but I doubt it, Chawn has been useless in this matter and I can’t stand him going buy our correspondence via email.

If anyone needs a 2017 Dash Battery or parts I have some for sale, I guess....
I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if you ever figured out what was wrong with your bike? Was it the bottom bracket, or cassette?