Izip E3 Sumo Pedal Assist Problems- 2 bikes same !


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I purchased 2 of the Izip E3 Sumo Fatbikes from separate reputable online dealers in 2016 & 2017. As far as I can tell both bikes are the 2015 model with a Currie Tranzx 48V mid drive motor on a 45mm bracket. Both bikes have very little use.

Almost immediately after receipt, one bike had a problem with the motor cutting out briefly, then restarting after a few yards of pedaling , especially uphills. While under warranty a dealer near me replaced the wheel speed sensor and then a new battery was shipped by Accell and the problem seemed to go away for awhile but returned after warranty expired. Then the other bike began exhibiting exact same problem. So I now owned 2 hardly used out of warranty Ebikes with combined investment of around $4500 that were essentially unrideable and put them in storage when we moved a few years ago.

Recently decided to either fix, part out, or junk these bikes, so I had one of the batteries renewed with a higher rated cell assembly and went online for hours trying to find answers to the pedal assist problem. There seems to be so many variations of this bike, all of them different with almost no documentation online or advice for this smaller 350W motor. Worse, not a single bike shop in Los Angeles or San Diego county that I have contacted says they are familiar with this bike or had a suggestion on where I might seek service. If I have 2 bikes experiencing exact same problem I thought almost certainly there would be online chatter somewhere with a fix but none found.

Does anyone know a shop in LA, Orange, or San Diego County that has experience with this Izip E3 model ? Seems the 45mm frame bracket on the bottom means I’m completely out of luck as far as a motor change.

One final note, I have found documentation left over online with some technical information, much of it missing but enough to confirm I seem to have a 2015 model.


and all of them reference brake lever cutoff switches as standard equipment. Neither of my bikes have any brake lever cut offs, there is no connection whatsoever to left or right lever other than the pull cable. Im wondering if the controller is getting a false brake cutoff signal from some unconnected wire loom buried in the bike ?

Any and all suggestions gladly accepted….