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I'd like to attach a handlebar bag to my bike, but the Bosch Intuvia is mounted exactly where the handlebar bag would attach and doesn't appear to be able to mounted elsewhere on the handlebar. Has anyone added a handlebar bag to their Xduro? If so what did you do with the Bosch control unit? What kind of handlebar bag mount did you use?

Because there are no water bottle braze ons I've mounted Topeak's Cage Mount to the handlebar to which I've added a water bottle cage. I can move that if needed.

Has anyone added a stem extension to which one can add accessories (possibly a handlebar bag)? If so, please advise the procedure followed.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Remi, I was interested to see the attachment in your link. How do you get it to attach to the tapered part of the handlebars, also the fact that the bars are "upswung" seems to compound the attachment ?
Essentially this is why I designed what I did for the bottle cage but I would like to see other solutions, mods.
Piper, here's a not very clear photo..you should be able to get the gist of it if you zoom. The mount (sorry, I can't remember who makes it) is sized for the 31.8 clamp area and is two halves that bolt together with two bolts (open clamp). It fits perfectly between the stem and battery-display mount. I have it flipped towards the right grip to make room for the phone mount, but most people center it in front of the stem to mount lights and stuff. In that orientation I think you can hang a bag from it, but you'll want a small, light one to prevent steering weirdness.

My bag solution is a Rivendell Bar Tube. It's kinda fiddly to get the hook-and-loop straps through the cables and around all the other stuff already on the bar, but it works and is easy to pull off for a quick trip in the store.

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Thanks Joe. Interesting pic. It did not occur to me that you would fit it to the parallel bit of the bars between the stem and the display mount. Handy !
I don't want to use a phone mount. Happy to have mine in a pocket but I would like to be able to mount my TomTom gps fairly soon. I have to figure out a suitable mount for that yet.