Watt Wagons Critical Product Availability Status

@BigMozzaNZ - something I would keep in mind reading while reading this thread (putting on my well worn devils advocate attire). Not trying to excuse the lack of communication, but maybe to put a different light on it.

I think one of the biggest reasons so many people in here are frustrated, is repeated missed expectations. When I originally put in my order, the page was showing an ETA of 45-60 days. By the 75th day, I was beginning to ask "where's the bike?" - before that point, I had ZERO expectation of bike. After that, I had an expectation of bike, or status. I really didn't care which, I just wanted to have an update saying "hey, we know we are currently behind - here's what we have, here's potential holdups, here's what we're doing next, etc...". But I was getting nothing. When I finally did see/hear something (typically from the owner posting on this forum), new expectations were met - typically "within 2-4 weeks", which were then missed again with no updates. Even the latest update from the owner (in this thread, page 8 IIRC) was that they had an ETA for the last component of 12/4, and a potential shipping date of "middle of the next week". In retrospect, it's only a week and a half later than originally posted (assuming it ships and isn't just a red herring to quiet people).

All of this is to say that the original expectation of 45-60 days was completely missed, and more so for those before me it sounds like. However, now the order page is quoting a "4-6 month" time. AND, the company has (at least been saying that they've) been making changes to their process and hired a production manager, etc, decreasing delays and increasing throughput. Given the ETA from FedEx is correct (they still just show only a label), my bike will be received on the 22nd, almost 6 months to the day.

I'm not excusing their lack of communication. As a small business owner, it's absolutely insane to me to erode the trust of those of your clients that have given you actual money by not being as open as possible in communicating with them. They really could've taken this time to ramp up communication and form stronger relationships with their clients, increasing trust and brand loyalty.

BUT - /IF/ you were to put in an order NOW, and expect to have a bike within the six-month window, and they achieved that, then your experience would differ from those of us that were quoted (repeatedly) one timeline that was never achieved.

Do with that information/insight as you will. That's not to say I think people here shouldn't be frustrated. I believe that given the current lapses it's MORE than completely understandable and justified (though some on here seem to cross a line for me that I feel isn't even constructive/coherent/mature) that people are upset. Making actual changes NOW, even if not for me but for those after me, WW could evolve from the smaller fly-by-night seeming shop it is into something that could potentially rebuild/recapture trust. I know if I started to see a concerted and upheld effort to communicate it would re-invigorate my enthusiasm for them. But it's easier to remain enthusiastic with product in-hand than as a figment of someone elses imagination.
@WaxedWookie - as I'd mentioned, my package DOES indicate it was picked up. 95 lbs! ETA for next Wednesday, of course the DAY AFTER I leave town for Christmas. I'll have it held at a FedEx office.

At this point, my concern/fears ALL lie with FedEx, as they REALLY suck in this area. My first e-bike (a Juiced) was reported that it couldn't be delivered one day due to extreme weather condition. It's tracking showed it was in town, and on the truck in the area for delivery at 5am. The weather - 74 and sunny ALL day. This is after the first day it was reported that it was on the truck and would be delivered, and then they marked that they were unable to deliver it due to no one at the door. I worked outside the entire day (seriously - not even bathroom breaks were unmanned) and FedEx NEVER even came by.
I also live in a zone where FedEx is not the most reliable carrier and was extremely nervous with them handling my bike. In the end I had to go meet the small semi it was on, and the only thing on there, 10 minutes from my house to ensure delivery. Have gotten the same undeliverable crap in the past also when not the case at all. Not a FedEx drop off in the town I live in but 15 minutes up the road is one at a Dollar General in a much smaller village.
I have two Hydra bikes I ordered from WW and Pushkar. Yes there were delays but IMO the bike is well worth the wait. Other manufacturers are also suffering from delays such as Sondors. Some owners have waited up to a year to get their bikes. I’m planning on purchasing the new Crosstour Scrambler bike in a few months and anticipate delays. I’m ok with this as I expect it. I think this should be clearly noted on the site and maybe even something people buying bikes should agree to before placing an order. This way the possibilities of lengthy delays is communicated clearly.

As far as getting in touch with Pushkar I’ve never had any issues. He sometimes takes up to a week to respond but as the owner of the company this is normal. s*it, some owners never reply to their customers.

It’s definitely a different world and economy today and as consumers we were used to instant gratification but it’s not that way now. We don’t like to wait for things and now it’s the norm. I’m on month four waiting for a sofa and love seat. Sucks.
But is it normal for a relatively small company with not much to do (waiting for parts) to not have time to respond? I don't think they are building that many bikes right now.
I bought some extra parts from Watt Wagons to weeks ago. I followed up with a call to Pushkar to confirm they had everything last week. Today I followed up with a phone call to Gregg. They had already shipped and he sent me the tracking information. Both times the phone was answered and they gave me the information I was looking for. I know communication has been slow, mostly on completed bikes. I know from personal experience nobody likes to give bad news. This doesn’t justify it but it can give you some explanation. I think it is in really poor taste to refer to his business as a s*it show etc. It seems you believe they have no clue what they are doing. I don’t think anybody would wait to give you a completed bike if they had all the parts to complete it.
Issues are communication, transparency, and lack of action plan (and motivation). Those are the ingredients for a shitshow. Feedback speaks for itself, it's been a broken record for a while, call it something more polite if you prefer, but at some point you have to call a spade a spade. I get the impression Pushkar is motivated by a desire to innovate. He's a dreamer with a lot of great ideas, which are more "fun" to focus on than the fundamentals of running a business. I think that's ultimately the problem to be brutally honest.
Maybe a corner is turned....I recieved an email to sign up for/select a video conference time slot to have my questions answered. Called WW Chat. It's a one on one customer focused opportunity from WW marketing.

Edit: I'm so happy "I could spit". My phone just recieved more emails after having worked out of cell service today. About 8:14AM WW notified me my Hydra is on its way. :) :) :) :)
Issues are communication, transparency, and lack of action plan (and motivation). Those are the ingredients for a shitshow. Feedback speaks for itself, it's been a broken record for a while, call it something more polite if you prefer, but at some point you have to call a spade a spade. I get the impression Pushkar is motivated by a desire to innovate. He's a dreamer with a lot of great ideas, which are more "fun" to focus on than the fundamentals of running a business. I think that's ultimately the problem to be brutally honest.
Exactly this - I've given my rationale for that label, so won't repeat myself yet again - thinking it's applicable or not is a matter of opinion, and frankly unworthy of further discussion. If @Acme takes issue with any of the facts presented to substantiate that label, I'd invite them to do so.

I like that Pushkar wants to push things forward with things like FS belt drives, and hope he can bring them and other innovations to market and get handsomely rewarded for doing so. The issue is when that innovation comes from a company that can't deliver on the fundamentals - trusting them to add innovation and custom fabrication (particularly if it comes at the expense of existing customers) on top of their existing supply, communication, and potentially capital issues seems foolish - just ask a Helios founder.
The one thing that I keep seeing again and again which just baffles me, is the inability for some to seem to actually grasp what others are taking issue with.

My issue, as I've always mentioned, has been communication. A healthy operation consists of proactive communication. Something happens causing delays, or shipments delayed, whatever - let the effected parties know.

At NO point did I say that my issue was with the delay. In fact, I've stated multiple times before, how my issue is NOT with the delay.

I understand that people can get information by emailing Pushkar directly. But that is NOT a solution/remediation to that problem. It's a symptom of a failed part of the operation (proactive communication). Is it great that I can email/text the owner and get a reply? Sure - but I shouldn't have to do that. Not to mention the fact that other avenues of communication in the past have been met with silence (including but not limited to emailing, contact form, chat widget, mentions here, etc). To see Pushkar online in this forum, "active"/viewing this thread, but never replying to the requests/questions for information except sparingly is unfathomable for me/my business.

To recap, for the last time...

- Communication: Non-existent most of the time (I only received ONE formal email/status regarding delays since my order, with a commitment that was unmet)
- Delays: I really don't care if you tell me

Popping into these threads (not just any one person) and replying (to me or others) that "these are unprecedented times and delays are to be expected" is completely missing our point.

"I can email/text Pushkar and he responds within a week" is again missing the point... We SHOULDNT HAVE TO email/text Pushkar. A simple weekly recap email/newsletter with even basic information is already going to help dramatically with this problem.

Anyways, I'm now eagerly awaiting my bike. FedEx logged a shipment exception last night 😬, looked at the details, they had to replace the label since it wasn't scanable anymore (guessing they were juggling with the package). On the plus side, it's now slated for delivery Monday instead of Wednesday, so I MIGHT actually get to see this thing before leaving town 😃!

P.S.: On the note of awful communication, I'd tried for about a month to get in touch with WW to get my shipping address changed since I moved since placing the order (this was chronicled in another thread here I believe). FINALLY after a month, that change was entered into the site and I saw it on the portal. Well, after receiving my shipment notification, I pulled it up in the FedEx delivery manager and realized that it was sent to my OLD address. THANKFULLY I live in the same building, and have a FedEx center right at the corner of my neighborhood, so I just got it held there. But if I didn't, this would've just gone into another huge hassle trying to get this address changed on a shipment in transit...
After a dozen emails, messages, and voice mails I finally received my refund for my 2 month delayed hydra black. Their new guy Greg is responsive and does suggest they are working on improving communication and customer relations.


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A quick update from me - Pushkar has been responsive over email the last few days - I have a photo of the bike, which is expected to ship this week once the right colour saddle arrives and the battery is sorted.

Things are looking positive - particularly knowing other bikes are being shipped.
@WaxedWookie @Merle Nelson what number range were your orders in? I'm hoping this means they found some controllers laying around to be able to cover mine as well...

It just occured to me that the whole reason I signed up to the sub was that I saw someone else who placed an order a week or so after I did got their order a couple months ago, before I did. Excuse being motor ships with the frame on the Hydra Black. But if the controllers are now what they're waiting on that means that a controller was used on that order but not set aside for my order that was "waiting on a motor"

I too got an email for a video call, just got back into town so I guess I'll try to schedule that... but if one more deadline is missed I'm just going to cancel my order and demand a timely refund because this s*it is bananas.