Virtue Cycles Schoolbus+ Bike Review

Ann M.

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Cool tadpole style tricycle with 2 wheels in the front and a 4 kid carrier sandwiched between the two front wheels. It's a more efficient and cost conscious setup with smaller 24" wheels to better utilize the 36V9ah lithium battery and 250 watt motor priced at under $2K. Liked the sneaky locked toolbox or storage area just under one of the front kiddie seats; very clever! It's a bit heavier and harder to steer than the Gondolier; however, the balance is better with the 3 wheels and it does have gears. Nice to meet the Virtue Cycles creator and hear a little about his history. The Virtue Cycles Schoolbus+ is a three-wheeled electric assist box bike designed to transport up to four children, includes a locking bench seat cargo cubby, full fenders and chain guard, optional canvas cover to keep the kids dry. Solid braking with two 160 mm mechanical disc brakes up front and a linear pull brake on the rear, important considering the 140 lb weight of the bike! Only available in one frame style, size and color but it's fairly versatile and unisex, marine grade wood can be washed and has a drain at the bottom, nice carry rack for trunk bag or panniers. Wonky steering with wide-swinging handle bar, you have to walk your hands from one end to the other for best turning radius, no throttle mode to help you get started, have to switch gears while moving vs. internally geared hub which would work at standstill.