Trek Domane+ SLR 6


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Older road cyclist here, adding a Trek Domane+ SLR 6 to the fleet. We have a fantastic paved bike path network here in Tucson called the Loop, with over 130 miles of interconnected paths running along the rivers and washes. It is a cycling nirvana, at least in winter, haha. Summer gets a bit warm, so you have to go out early. I am on the Loop at least 3-4 days a week. We also have a lot of wind, especially in the spring and summer and I really get tired of returning home from a 30-40 mi ride with a 15-20mph headwind, and would love to change that into a tailwind, haha. Plus, I tend to push the limits with my HR way up, and with knee issues and occasional bouts of foot pain, decided it was time to try an e-bike to take some of the stress off.

I have several acoustic bikes and wanted a realistic performance road bike feel and light weight. I also prefer a narrow Q-factor, due to issues with the medial meniscus in both knees. Narrow is better for me, and most of the mid-drive bikes are wide, like an MTB, including the Creo. This new Trek seemed to be closest to my other road bikes, with 163mm. I actually ordered a last gen LT bike with the Fazua motor, as I wanted front iso-speed and it seemed a bit more utilitarian than the new one, but they were out of stock. So I got the newer version with the TQ pin ring motor, 105 Di2, and road tires (vs the SRAM 1x version with gravel tires). It is very light for an e-bike - I weighed mine when I got it home and it was 28 lbs - with pedals and seat pack, barely 29. Only 11 lbs more than my Spec Roubaix.

I have only ridden it twice, for 40 miles, due to a knee injury last week, but it is extremely smooth and sophisticated feeling. I did a 28 mile ride with boost mostly on the medium setting (due to my injury), and had 56% left when I got home, so the estimated 60 mile range would seem to be in the ballpark.

Good info here, hoping I can add more when I have spent some serious time on it.

-- JB
I really don't understand Trek's distribution logic with this bike.
the +SLR 6 is available in the US, but not in Canada. Canadians, if they want this bike, have to pony up for the +SLR 7.
This makes so sense to me. Bikes are generally more expensive in Canada, yet Trek won't bring out the least expensive +SLR model in Canada.
The +SLR 7 is an eye-watering $13,125 Can o_O
Creo owner and fan here, but I have to say those new Domanes look great. Be waiting for your Mt Lemmon report!
Some good info in this thread, Dave: Domane+ SLR Thread

(hoping I did that correctly - LOL)

Short version - I've an SLR7 Ultegra build, tried one of the SLR7 SRAM (40mm tires w/ 1x setup) while in Europe - and MUCH prefer the 2x road specific setup - okay, and that the US spec lets you hit 28 assisted, the Euro spec only 25 kph... (just over 15 mph).

I picked one up due to some health issues that are restricting my max HR - so I've been watching my riding buddies (male and female) pedal up the road on group rides and while I appreciate it when they hang back with me, I know they're not getting the ride they may get otherwise... TOTALLY re-engaged with the group and having a blast.

I've loved mine up a few local climbs, and looking forward to many more!