Hello from central AL


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I stumbled across this forum while Googling e-bike reviews. All that reading is dangerous to the wallet, I ended purchasing an Aventon Adventure 2 from a local LBS while looking at Trek mid drives. They didn't have the right frame size, but they did have a Large Green Adventure in stock. I had a hard time deciding, but the throttle and comfort won me over, plus the price was much lower. I was riding 50 miles at a time on my old early 90's mountain bike with mild hybrid tires, but a number of injuries has slowed me down.

I've been riding rigid mountain bikes since 1990 and I needed something easier to ride especially after my last shoulder and back injury. So far so good, only have 10 miles on the fat bike after picking it up yesterday afternoon. I like it so far, it fits my 6' 4" body well, my inseam is 32" so I'm mostly torso with long arms. The Trek L was okay, felt tight and the XL is unknown, but they did recommend a minimum 34" inseam. I didn't want to wait anyway. The Adventure comfort appealed to me, that heavy weight is a major change though.

I went ahead and added liners to protect those big tubes, never had a fat tire bike before. So far I love the flotation on gravel roads and grass fields. I'm 250 plus pounds and the tires work well I think. My speeds are about the same as my old Giant and Specialized 21 speeds. Not as hard to pedal as I expected.