Tire issues?


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Received the bike about a month ago. My first ebike. Have started riding it more as I get a sense of how long the battery will last. Riding is about 60/40 Roads vs bike path/trails. Got a slow leaking flat today. Tires are easy to remove off rim. However noticed the tires are very thin. Like shoebox thin. didn't see any tire punctures from the inside or outside of the tire. I actually like these tires, but cant find them anywhere else. So I am not making lots of tire repairs was considering trying out thicker tubes. Any suggestions on a suitable tube size . The Wheel is 26in and the current tire 26x 4.9 xxl Thanks.
to avoid flats a lot of fat bike riders go ghetto tubeless...youll have to check the mtbr fat forum to read up on that! i would actually recommend using a larger standard mtb tire tube, especially up front where less weight is being placed. they will save you rotational weight, and are much cheaper. if you dont want to do tubeless, you could also add something like stans or some of the other goo products out there inside the tube to help with sealing small leaks.
I don't know how other brands of tires measure up, but, there is no dimension on my tires that measure over 4.25 inches. Might make a difference on replacement tubes and tires.
Old fat guy here, new to eBikes and fat tires. I live on gravel roads and will probably take it out in dirt a little. No way will I do any real mountain bike riding, to damn fat for that. One fall and I am broken. I currently have a 26x2.25 inch beach cruiser I ride a bit on gravel and some pavement Have not yet ordered a Sonders but getting real close. Questions. How much more rolling resistance does the fat tires make? Many goat heads here and those damned Russian Olives. At least those are easier to mostly avoid.
I kind of like the Sonders Thin but the tires are much thinner than what I have now. Any opinions on how the Thin will hold up? My cruiser rides smooth enough for me except during the last few days of Burning Man. The pot holes in the roads really beat me up.
For bigger and heavier riders I would recommend the Sondors fat tires. To protect your tires from flats due to goat heads, nails, sharp objects etc, use tire liners such as Mr. Tuffy XXL. They go between your tire and tube and provide excellent protections. The Sondors fat tires are ideal for Burning Man. This is the last week to order a Sondors for the Summer delivery.
How can i get my hands on a new complete Sondors original front tire,rim,hub,rotor,tube,axle? I went on the site and seen nothing.. HELP...ALL I WANNA DO IS RIDE AND GET TO WORK....