SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

The "Devil's Eye" geologic formation on the C&O Canal Trail Near Hancock Maryland.

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In the days of yore, these were dream bikes. In fact the second bike was built as recently as 1990. Who would want one now? The first bike demonstrates the proper positioning of the seat and handlebars for doubling passengers on the top bar. Both bikes will keep your man- parts warm in winter.


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Some bike art on today’s ride. A long wall (around a construction site) covered in dozens of flower-adorned bikes each painted all over in one color. There were also small inspirational type mottos or sayings scattered between the bikes.EE4430A4-1938-4FD5-8C8B-26266F88353E.jpeg