Short Inflatable Sleeping Pads?

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I normally backpack with a cut down Z-lite pad, which if I purchase the full-length I can divide into two pads that are just fine (they pad me from shoulders to hips). However, for bicycle touring this isn't optimal as the Z-lite pads are pretty bulky and will not fit comfortably in a pannier, much less bikepacking bags.

So I looked at inflatable pads. After getting over the price shock, I was distressed to observe that there are very few (to none) short length inflatable pads and all of the full length pads I looked at are unreasonably heavy and bulky.

Right now about the only thing I found that **might** work for me is the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad (short length). Hopefully that will be a success story...


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Have you looked at this:

They pack down to about the size of a water bottle. We've used them for years (not bike camping, but other travels).
Wait - they DO make a short version:

Thanks! That looks promising and is also quite reasonably priced.

I have a hard time paying $200 for an air mattress.