Shocke Bikes


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I'm looking for information about Shocke Bikes, an Indiegogo funded mail order only bike. The model is called the Spark. From their own review it seems to be a steal at about 1300 US dollars(plus shipping, etc.).
It has a hub motor and is a class 2 ebike. It also has a non standard frame mounted battery.
Has anyone out there heard or read anything about the Spark that wasn't written by the makers?
Is there only one size frame? It looks pretty small in Shocke's video. It comes in three colors but anything other than matte black can add months to delivery.
It was Kickstarter and people got bikes a month ago. Run a search and you can see some comments. Not much. A basic Chinese bike. May be a LiFePo pack.
I own it. One size. It is HUGE compared to my mountain bike. Any time I've written to them they've responded extremely quickly.
Can anyone please sell my their Shocke Spark battery AC Adapter. I am willing to up to $60.. I understand Shocke replaces them for free, I simply prefer to pay for my own. Thanks again...