1. X

    Looking for Feedback

    Hey EBR! Loved this community, we don’t want to spam you, we’re a brand doing market research, and we wanted to get some organic feedback from you to see what you think about the new helmets we’re developing. The idea is to create a helmet that protects you at a higher level than the CPSC...
  2. Curiouslearner

    Need reviews on the particular bike models

    Ecotric vortex Ecotric lepord If any of you are a current or past owner or have test ridden it please give you opinions and reviews and also I would like to hear your take on how trust worthy ecotric brand is in its self
  3. B

    Fastroad E+ EX PRO

    Hello! I'm beginning to shop for an ebike and the 2020 Fastroad E+ EX PRO is really tempting. I'm stating this thread to gather impressions from owners! So, anything about ride handling, range, power, what you like/dislike, etc.. Any info is appreciated and will certainly serve other forum...
  4. J

    Future Reviews

    Giant - Road E+ Review? I realize EBR gets support from Specialized, but could we see a review of Giant's Road E+ soon? Aging road cyclist and Thinking next bike will be an electric. I enjoy EBRs reviews both written and video. Keep them coming!
  5. F

    Electra Townie Go 8I Reviews

    Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this model bike. including the roller brakes. looking for a comfort long distance between charges and good quality motor and good warranty and I narrowed it down to this one.
  6. bronxrider

    Shocke Bikes

    I'm looking for information about Shocke Bikes, an Indiegogo funded mail order only bike. The model is called the Spark. From their own review it seems to be a steal at about 1300 US dollars(plus shipping, etc.). It has a hub motor and is a class 2 ebike. It also has a non standard frame...