Electra Townie Go 8I Reviews

looking for a comfort long distance between charges and good quality motor and good warranty

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Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this model bike. including the roller brakes. looking for a comfort long distance between charges and good quality motor and good warranty and I narrowed it down to this one.
I bought this model few month ago, in May to be precise. Before deciding to buy the Electra, I tested 6 different E-Bikes. 2 different Kalkhoff, 1 Matra, 1 Moustache, 1 Lapierre and the Electra. I was seduced by the look of the Townie but I wanted a good E-Bike too.
As we are in France, most of the sellers argued on the "French made" side. Very funny when you know, as I know, that a french made Electric bike doesn't exist, neither a german (Kalkhoff excepted) or an american. The frame is always made in China or in Taiwan, the motor is made in Germany or in Japan, the brakes are japanese, etc...
The Kalkhoff bikes were excellent, but the prices were too high. The Moustache too expensive, because of the so call "french made".
So the Electra went out of the hat. As soon as I saw it I've been in love. And the test made me buy it. It is well finished and well equipped. The motor is a Bosch Performance Line (maybe the best on the world market). Using the "Tour" setting of the assistance, I make 70 Km. until I've to charge the battery.
Let's speak of there Roller brakes. The feeling is different of other types of brakes, I'd say "smoother". Till now I've never had any issue with the brakes. They stop the bike when I need it. And they are progressive. You can block the wheels, but you decide to do it.
I'm a new E-biker but I've used a motorbike for forty years, at least. So believe me, I know what I say about braking.

Finally, the drawbacks :
  • The original saddle is too smooth and a bit cheap. I bought a Brooks saddle to replace it.
  • The shape of the handlebar was not convenient (for me). As I am 5.9 ft. tall and as I wanted my back to be vertical (more or less), I changed it for a larger cruising handlebar which is set on some other Electra bikes.
  • Speaking of my back, the Townie is a hardtail bike, so I bought a Suntour SNC seat post to smooth the bumpy roads. Just perfect.

That's all, after 5 months, I can't be more happy. The bike is nice, it works very well, and the prices was 20% less than the same category of bikes.
Thank You Very much for your experience with the Townie I have been doing maybe too much research but it looks like I am definitely leaning towards the Townie one reason like you stated compared to others price wise with the Bosch system and the warranty backed by Trek it looks like the right choice for me currently if it isnt sold yet I can get a floor model for $1800 nut its site unseen so we will see Thank you again! Tony
For $1800 I'd buy one in a minute! Nice looking bikes, great drive train! I may buy one for my gf. (if I can find a price like that I WILL).
The Crank Forward (CF) peddle position is very very comfortable and easy to put feet down with.
Be sure it's the "new" one and not last years model!! Much different. At that much discount I"d be concerned it's a 2015. ??
Lots of drum brakes need 'broken in' as the brake linings "bed" correctly. My guess is they were never used hard enough on the demo bike to be broken in. Drum type brakes are really the cream of the crop for bicycles, though disk brakes are the popular choice. They last forever and rarely if ever need attention. While disk brakes are constantly needing fiddled with. Squeeking. Rotors bent. etc
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$1800 is an incredibly low price regarding the price of this bike in France ( around $2900). Are you sure that it is the 8i with the Bosch system?
If it is you'll make a great deal.
Roller brakes are very good. You just have to put some grease (special Shimano grease) in them from time to time. Shimano recommends to do this every 5000 km. Or every 6 months if you are in a hilly area.
That's the only maintenance.
Yes I doubled checked that if its the new model and thanks for the advise on the brakes great info! I will see if its still available.