Replacement key for Heybike from locksmith


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I went to a locksmith and after 15 min he found a blank key for my Heybike Mars. I brought the battery along with me and both new keys work fine. I'll assume the blanks fit the other models. It is a 1642 ILCO blank. Since Heybike does not sell them, nice to have a few spares !
He believes he has a replacement for my Magnum EBike, but he wants the lock to make sure it works.


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Wow, it's great to hear that you were able to get some spare keys for your Heybike Mars! It's always a good idea to have extras, just in case. And it's awesome that the locksmith is willing to find a replacement for your Magnum EBike too. Thanks for sharing the info about the 1642 ILCO blank, it might come in handy for others who have the same model.