Hyper Scorpion key. Hired locksmith to create a replacement. Does OEM key have a chip?


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It took me 2 months to find a locksmith that would help replace the ignition key on my Hyper Scorpion then took another week waiting for him to validate my bike was not stolen!! He spent half a day taking apart the ignition and then creating a key that is not laser cut but it does fit properly and since the ignition was taken apart, we can see that the movement of turning the key is working on the back side of ignition. So we are good there, but what I have found is we still have no power once put back together! We cannot seem to have Juiced replicate the problem and will have to send parts in but I pretty sure I am screwed there because I told them everything and my warranty is voided. My only thought is perhaps the OEM key has a chip key or immobilizer embedded inside it that is preventing the bike to turn on due to anti-theft system.

Has anyone tried replacing key on the newer model ignition Juiced Bikes? If so, did anyone create the key aftermarket? Juiced has been out of stock on keys and everything else related to this issue!!
I'm pretty sure there is no chip on these, but I don't have one. On my Jucied bike the key is not an ignition just locks the battery, and the button on the battery, as with the scorpion, must be ON. Since you have it disassembled it is easy to tell as you can simply short the wires to the key switch and see if it turns on. if so then either the key switch is bad. Or you need too look for a second safety, like the key is not quite long enough even though it turns the switch. If there are no wires to the switch then it is not likely an ignition switch although it could have, very doubtful, mechanical linkage to an internal switch. Is the switch an electronic key switch?
Great question! Unfortunately this is out of my area of expertise and I was relying on the locksmith for this. He has since gave up, so I am back to square one. I appreciate your reply but I really do not know the answers to this but will look into someone that can. Super frustrating since I will end up losing most of the good riding weather by the time (IF IT EVER GETS RUNNING) it gets done.
You really called an inexperienced locksmith specialist. That's true many locksmith specialists don't have the necessary skills and experience to deal with more complicated situations. If he is hired by a specific company, you better write a complaint about him and describe the situation. The company might take some measure of precaution and other clients won't suffer. The emergency locksmith sw13 has never let me down regarding services, workers, and attitude.
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