Juiced HyperScorpion In 'da House


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Looks like we just squeaked by as our Feb. 10 pre-order of a Brushed Aluminum Juiced HyperScorpion shipped last Thursday and was received Saturday morning. Now the Juiced web site is showing Feb pre-order BA HyperScorps not shipping until "early September."

I apologize to those pre-order customers who received their bikes either beat-up or non-functioning. I don't work for, represent or have any financial interest in Juiced Bikes - I'm just Joe Customer to them. But I know that it really sux to wait so long for something and then not get a bike in appropriate condition.

I guess I have been lucky as I have purchased 2 bikes from Juiced and they were both delivered in near perfect cosmetic and functional condition (my first was a RipCurrent S from their 'scratch and dent' sale page, but I have yet to find any flaw on it).

My wife and I put together her new Hyper this morning. The box arrived in very clean condition - but then again I'm less than 300 miles from Juiced so maybe the box just didn't get the chance to get beat up in shipping. The bike was near perfect out of the box, with only a tiny paint chip on an edge of the battery (easily dealt with using a Sharpie pen). No other damage, bent parts, nothing. Everything pretty much seemed to stay in its place during shipment. Found a stray nut on the bottom of the box when we pulled out the bike. Always makes you wonder where it came from. Then I noticed the plywood protective pieces on the rear rack - and one of those bolts was missing its nut. Problem solved.

Simple instructions in the box allowed easy build of the bike. I actually only had to look at them once to see how the axle/spacers were configured in the front wheel. Couldn't figure out why 2 of 4 bolts to mount the headlamp assembly were too long... at least until I found the horn. Question answered.

Started by pulling off the battery and getting it onto the charger before beginning to build the bike. Build was complete before the battery had fully charged. Put the battery in and did the normal Juiced start-up: turn on the battery with its top button and press the on/off switch on the back of the display. Unfortunately no power up. Thought about things for about a minute and remembered that there might be a key-lock under the seat. Sure enough. Insert the key, turn it on, bike powered right up. Don't much care for bikes where you have to leave a key in to ride them, but in this case I think that the extra security is a good thing. Tested turn signals, daylight/night modes of light, horn, brake light and all functioned perfect. Maybe I got a bike which Tora had ridden as when it powered up for the first time it was already in 'R' mode. :)

My wife took her new bike for its first ride, and immediately tried to pedal it. I yelled to her 'that bike is not for pedaling - use the throttle.' She did and unfortunately I did not get a pic of her on the return from her ride - I don't have a camera with a wide enough angle lens to have captured her entire smile. "I was doing 30 miles per hour" she says. I look down at the display and it was only in PAS level 3.

She made me ride it as well. Popped it into 'R' and off I went. I'm 6'4" tall and 245#. We don't (yet) have the high seat accessory. Took it for a short spin around the neighborhood. Pedaling up a light incline I found myself running at 32+mph.

A few comments about the bike:
The ride is very nice with those smooth, fat tires and full suspension.
The bike benefits greatly from pedaling, especially from a stop. Otherwise acceleration is soft.
It does get up and go!
Tall seat option is likely required for anyone with an inseam longer than about 28".
Crank arms are long for the available ground clearance, so pedal strikes are easy if pedaling when cornering.
Brakes are strong and motor cut-offs were tested and worked well.
Headlight is nice and bright at full, and has a nice daytime running ring. Turn signals and brake light are bright LED units.
Horn is loud (at least inside the garage) for an e-bike. It is a motorcycle horn, which at motorcycle speeds is kind of anemic. But on an e-bike (even a fast one) it is more than adequate.
Yes, the grip shifter is on the left bar and is mounted upside down. I don't foresee shifting this bike very often.
Even with large hands it is a challenge to maintain twisting the shifter while reaching the control buttons on the display (but yes, the bike has cruise control).
Build quality seems very good.
Very happy with the Brushed Aluminum color choice.
Seat is comfortable (only initial short rides so far).

So those are our combined initial thoughts. She is very happy with her new bike and is thinking of ways how she will use it (we have more 'normal' e-bikes for exercise and pedaling. This one may be used more for errands which will now be much more easy to accomplish without using a car). We won't be getting a second one of these so that we can ride them together - this is a one-off fun machine.

Now on to order that seat riser, and figure out what kind of box to put on that rear rack...

Pic of her new bike (which she now helps me build!:)) while battery was being topped up before its maiden ride. The single small paint chip can be seen on the battery (haven't gotten my Sharpie out yet).
Awesome! Glad it arrived in such good condition (as did mine, and I'm on the East Coast, so I don't know if distance is a factor). Sounds like your wife is going to have a lot of fun on that beast!
Congrats on the beautiful bike! May I ask, can you ride in PAS 0 and just feather the throttle to your liking? If so, what is the max speed in this mode? (i.e. does the throttle give you the same power as Race Mode would?) thanks!