Outrider Horizon - Recumbent Electric Trike for Handicapped Riders


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Hey guys, I just found out about the new Horizon electric bike from Outrider. These guys make super high end recumbent trikes (including the Outrider 422 Alpha) and this new model is designed for people who may be paralyzed or handicapped in other ways.

They are seeking funding on Kickstarter here and I wanted to pass this along because it seems like a unique and thoughtful project. My girlfriend has nerve damage and often uses a wheelchair to get around. Just recently we were talking about using an adaptive ski for her to hit the slopes and it's awesome that stuff like this exists. Check it out, share your thoughts and pass around if you know anyone who could benefit :)

outrider-horizon-adaptive-electric-bike.jpg outrider-horizon-electric-trike.jpg

I love that it features suspension as the existing Outrider bikes can feel a little stiff... especially at higher top speeds! The hand pedal and regular leg pedal options are cool. Here are the full specs of the Horizon:
  • Maintenance Free High-Torque Brushless Hub-Motor in rear wheel: 1500 watts can climb 15% grades
  • Dual 160mm hydraulic disc brakes
  • Full suspension independent A-Arm suspension, 4 inches of travel
  • 48V High Power Lithium Batteries
  • Regenerative braking
  • Dimensions: 80 x 34 x 31 (inches for LxWxH)
  • Height adjustable seat for easy on/off and low center of gravity while riding
  • Quick Release, fold-able handlebars for easy side entry from wheelchair
  • Electronically actuated seat rises to an anticipated 19 inches, which is standard wheelchair seat height
  • Comfortable ergonomic upright or reclined seating position
  • Dual bar-end rear view mirrors
  • Removable key
  • Optional rear rack for cargo capability (available post production run)
  • Programmable power outputs
  • 30, 60, or 100 miles of range (stock is 30 miles with the opportunity to upgrade after the campaign)
  • All terrain knobby tires at ~40 psi
  • Anticipated 90 lb total weight 250 lb capacity (rider plus cargo)
  • 7 Speed SRAM grip shift