New to the forums, looking for ebike advice


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I used to ride alot, but havent in years. With Covid, I don't have to be anywhere and can bike to work again. I want an ebike so I don't sweat my guts out in the Midwest summer. I bought a Pedego, it ticked a lot of boxes but feels underpowered and doesn't inspire me.

I'm 6 feet, about 215 and the ride is 7 miles each way, some hills. I am in love with the Cafe styling, just wish it had a throttle for when I poop out at the end of the day. I'm also considering several mid drive bikes- biktrix stunner for one-and a couple of others.

Subtracting the Cafe's cool look which is tough to beat, is it the best bike for my ride? Or how to find the best bike? I've been reading non stop for days!

Thank you.
Welcome to the forum but I don't think Pedego sells anything that resembles cafe racer? 🤔

I found their bikes are generally have relaxed position. Unless you're talking about cruiser type of bikes. I found that ebike industry is a bit of mish mash when it comes to bike category. 😅
Pedego is a cruiser, I found a deal on a used one and dipped my toe in the ebike water. Now 8 know I like it, going for something I will love.