New Specialized Turbo Models


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Are now posted on the US web site.

Looks like two new models, the Turbo and the Turbo X. Similar to the Turbo S but with following changes I can see:

- SRAM X7 drivetrain vs. X0
- Magua Formula C1 vs R1 brakes
- 460 wh battery vs. 506 wh
- Motor is actually listed now: G45c X12 vs. ASBC X12
The Turbo X has a front suspension fork with 50mm travel. (RockShox Paragon).

After some Googling, it looks like those two motors are made by GoSwissDrive. I am going to run some pages through the translator and see if I can dig out more info.
Didn't get a ton from the GoSwiss site. The motor is likely modified from their stock product. The one item I did uncover was that the battery can be reset by holding the power button 8 seconds. Wonder if that resets the odometer and what not. Might try later today on my spare battery.

This link is a video to Lucas, the girl who seems to represent a lot of the turbos from Specialized in online videos. I debated the new cheaper turbo but went with the turbo S. The new cheaper turbo has no regen and the motor is different, if you watch the video she talks about the sweet spot is 22mph rather then 25mph, as the motor/battery is 20 percent smaller. I really like rolling 26-27mph which i find is my bikes sweet spot and love it. There is no tapered head tube, cheaper gears, no thur axel it is quick release, which was something i did not like. I think a few other things too. But depending on what you are going to use it for and funds, the new cheaper turbo is a great option and is still faster then most other bikes that wont go faster then 20mph. The Turbo X seems all the same as the cheaper turbo, but with a front shock.
Had the Turbo X been available when I bought mine I would have seriously considered it. I love road bikes. I love stiff road bikes, steel tourers, the whole gamut. But the Turbo is SO stinking stiff it is bone rattling. A lot of improvement since I installed a Thudbuster ST, but that allow fork is brutal on seam patched roads and what not.

I've actually been toying with looking at a Neo Race, mainly because you can ride it more like a regular bike with no cogging, but alas, with so much invested in the Turbo I'll probably stick it out until the 2016's most likely. As 86 And Still... posted in another thread, the innovation is going to move very rapidly as technologies compete for the market. I haven't seen anything in the 2015's that catches my eye, but I would not be surprised if we see something big in 2016.
Yeah, i did not think no shock would bother me, as i ride a salsa fargo and salsa colossal all with zero suspension. But your right, i ride some pretty smooth roads and paths and sometimes i hit a little pothole i didn't see and BAM, surprised the frame didn't break. But normally i have no issues as i have learned the areas to avoid on my commute. The first morning i rode to work on it, it was dark out and holy crap, at 27mph, a pothole will sneak up on you. The light is great for a normal bike but not those speeds in the dark.
Nice Roadrash! I ride a Salsa Vaya and the steel (and long wheelbase) soaks up everything. It actually begs the question - steel frames are only 2 or 3 lbs heavier than Al alloy - why aren't more ebikes made from steel?
So I finally watched the video and I sort of agree with everything Amber is saying. Even the regenerative braking omission is probably ok. However I think I would benefit from quick regen button and at least 2 modes of regen. There are hills on my commute where the normal regen is not enough to slow me down safely. I have gone through one set of brake pads already and I do use the regen quite a bit.
In regards to the steel frames, i don't know. I have always had carbon bikes, but they are so fragile with my kids banging things around, made me nervous, i love my steel frame, but keep lusting over the carbon, don't know why cause my steel frame actually rides better i feel, more stable high speed. Brambor, i hear what you are saying on regen, i use regen on some hills and wish it slowed down even further, i feel with the speeds i go on this bike, i use the brakes a awful lot more then my regular bikes. Wondering how long these tires and brakes will last. I don't really know how to know when the slicks are ready to replace since there is no tread to even compare anything too. On a good note, someone i work with pulled out of our neighborhood the same time i did this morning on the turbo. He did not know it was me and later said he was confused, he thought he had passed me and a few blocks away he sees my light to his right and he thought he had cut off a motorcyclist, he expected my light to start dimming as he passed me. Well i made the turn through a bike path cut through and got to work about 10 seconds ahead of him. My commute is faster on the turbo then the car traveling legal speeds. I love this bike.
I put a 1000 miles on my slicks already. The rear one is near needing a replacement. Front one is ok. I also love my bike. :)
Thats good to know 1000 miles, i put 100 miles in my first week using it. How are you telling its worn, can you see belt or fibers or somthing coming through.
good question. I asked the same question the Turbo mechanic. He said when it's. Not rounded anymore and the top flattens out.
Brambor - are you going with Electraks again or considering something like a touring tire (Schwalbe Marathons?). I considered Marathons for one of my non-ebikes but didn't care for the weight. On an bike, it is relatively moot. It is hard to compare since Specialized doesn't really release technical data on its tires that I have found. Can't compare the depth of kevlar for instance.
My Neo Carbon with upgrades will probably be available for sale in October timeframe.....just in case anyone is interested.
I was reticent about purchasing a bike with front suspension. I am now glad I did as the speed with which I sometimes travel can cause unforseen issues. The front shocks on the carbon are pretty basic and I'm trying to find out the real benefit of upgrading. Too early for me to comment on Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, but they are definitely strong tires and seem to handle the total weight just fine. If I were to purchase the Turbo it would probably be the X.
I believe I read the regen was minimal anyways as it interferes in a considerable way with ride-ability. It would be nice if they set regen to engage when the brakes are engaged....the drag takes the load off the brake system and of course helps you slow down faster too.
On the high-end Turbo, the brakes do activate Regen every time you use them.

However, it would be nice if, when in Regen Mode, the brakes would increase the rate of generation, as there are times when one could get more charge and more slowing on steep hills.