New Enviolo hub firmware / Vado 5.0IGH


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Enviolo posted new firmware a couple weeks ago for Automatiq (version R48 -- I'm on R47). Did anyone here try the update? I have not because it's working great and I don't have time to tinker if something goes awry, but I probably will at some point.

Regarding changes, I don't believe the last bullet applies to Vado unless it's a low level behavior linked to assist mode (at least no reference in Enviolo app of "profiles").

The first bullet is a nice convenience, the second bullet sounds intriguing, but I haven't encountered those issues...although if this FW came out before I reduced belt tension and replaced 24T rear hub with 22T, I would have immediately updated the FW without first posting here 🙂


  • The manual calibration process is now fully automatic and has moved to the background. There is no need to calibrate AUTOMATiQ anymore.
  • Improved shifting algorithm reduced unwanted behavior that sometimes could result in busy behavior, excessive noise, or empty pedal feeling.
  • Comfort, Eco, and Sport profiles are now unified into one profile that provides the best shifting experience in all conditions
Good deal, it will be interesting to see if @Nonlinear can detect a difference

You can update the firmware with the enviolo app. I have specialized app set to auto connect to bike. If you do too, make sure you kill Specialized app first so you can connect to enviolo app.

I purchased the "Gates Carbon Drive Belt Drive CDX Rear Cog, NuVinci- 22t". I did not use their tool to remove or install -- it was rather easy to pry it off 24T by slowly walking each section of the hub over the threads one thread at a time (used a screw driver). I had a PVC tube on the ready to install like their tool, but it was not required and I was able to push it on with my hands without a problem.
Just upgraded to 46... then 48... as I saw the "empty pedal feeling"comment ( which I was experiencing when starting pedaling). I feel the improvement: not sure whether it's 48 as I was on much older version. Liking the improvement.
That's great to hear! I have not yet upgraded but plan to do so. Do you know if you have the 22T or 24T rear cog?