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Morning new to this forum
I have been cycling for years, retired two years ago (aged 60) after 44 years in the aerospace industry
Part of my retirement present was a BMC Alpen challenge AMP electric assist bike.

This bike is fitted with the shimano 6100 step power system which has now developed an annoying fault

So my first question to the forum which sub category is best to post my problem in ???

regards Chris
Did you ask your dealer, Chris? Do you have a local service? The electrical part of an e-bike with Shimano Steps is not usually something you could fix yourself.

If you want to post your question, that would be the Shimano subforum.
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Morning and yes it’s another lovely day in the UK.

And welcome to the world of retirement. I took early retirement in my late 50s, five years ago and have never looked back, so enjoy yourself.

There are brand sub forums which you could post in.

Or post the question about the issue on General Ebike Discussion one and I’m sure someone will be able to assist you. Include photos if you can, it always helps.