Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

Good thing I noticed the Kiox wasn't in place before I left the spill sight. A bit of searching and I found it. I'm surprised it fell off, I didn't think I hit the ground that hard.
The DoggyRide Novel with the center tow arm is advertised as spill proof. I guess it's not.

Towing the trailer with a 66 lb dog must use significant battery because two rides - both about 27 miles - drained the two batteries - mixed assist levels but a fair amount of Sport and Turbo, mostly flat, but significant wind. It's great that the Kiox gives an estimate of miles before the batteries go dead.
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If no local bike shop won't service my bike. I use Mobile bicycle repair service. Their rates are better and they come to your house or business to work on your bike. Direct to Consumer is the way to go.
I own a Priority Current w/a range extender and a Jugg Duo 3. Each have their virtues. The Priority Current with Enviolo shifter is the smoothest ride I have had on a bike. I added a shock post for the seat. I’ve put Schwalbe puncture resistant tires on it because flat’s are a reality. I got it when it first came out and it has performed well. Priority gives great customer service and actually replaced the bike when it arrived slightly bent and wouldn’t tightly seat the battery and threw in an extender.

I purchased the Biktrix and had a good experience with them as well. I broke my leg on the day it arrived in 2022 so I didn’t get around to riding it this year. They kindly exchanged the bike for one for a little shorter person, I’m 5.8 and it is the second smoothest ride. The wheel and post shock make this a monster for gravel and rough roads—the Priority can do this too, but doesn’t. Have 4 in tires. I like the cadence and torque on the Biktrix and the increased range of options. This would be the perfect bike if it had an Enviolo shifter like the Priority. 11 speed SRAM is great, but it isn’t buttery like a CVT.
First off, let me say I'm sorry you had a broken leg. I know from experience it's no fun! Hope your recovery is going well.
I looked up the Biktrix Jugg you got and see why you say it's a monster on gravel and rough roads. Hope you get more time to enjoy it this summer.
The Priority does appears to be a popular choice and people seem happy with it, plus the company seems to have good customer support.

Not sure how much of this thread you read but I'll say that belt drive and internal gear hub were a main consideration- must have -for me and I'm not sorry I decided to go with the Enviolo CVT. I am very grateful to everyone on this forum for sharing their experiences which helped me make my decision.

There have been a few times in my 376 miles on my Zen Samurai with the Enviolo that the lowest gears are not quite smooth, and there are a few "stops" on the CVT that seem to feel a bit scratchy so I have to make an adjustment, but it's WAY better than a chain and derailleur for me. I'm still in the get acquainted phase and most of my rides I don't have any issues. I find having the second battery makes for a worry free ride since I know I won't run dry and can use turbo going into the wind and maintain a comfortable cadence. Pulling the dog and trailer, 100 lb combined, is no problem. I usually only recharge every 3 or 4 days if I ride for an hour or two each day. I love getting out and I'm lucky enough to have a paved, even if it's bumpy, trail close by.

The first bike I got was damaged as well and Zen replaced it very quickly. Mostly Zen has provided good support. I think being a new company they may not have worked out all the kinks yet, or whatever. Still, it's been a good bike for me and I know that eventually they will stand behind their bikes.