1k+ review on Fiido T1


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Hello fellow e-Bike enthusiasts, today I'm doing a 1k review on the Fiido T1 Cargo/Utility e-Bike.

It comes with a rear hub 750w Bafang Motor, a 48V/20Ah/960Wh battery, which I get between 45-75 miles, depending how hard I ride it.

It comes with a rear rack, with actually a nice looking piece of wood, of which I removed to put my 7y.o son's Co-pilot seat on! He feels like the COOLEST KID in school everyday when I pick him up on it., Oh, I forgot to add, that I sold my car, in favor of riding an e-Bike, & during my obsessive search online for the perfect e-Bike to suit my needs, the Fiido T1 kept popping up on my radar, especially with all the extra accessories included like the rear rack, basket, moto style LED headlight, rear brake light, mudguards & front basket, & for under $1,600.00 out the door with someone's coupon code, I couldn't find a better deal!

It's a lot better than the Rad because of the higher top speed(30mph average) as well as just the extra torque it has, I live in Reno, which is in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains, so it's very hilly, & I haven't seen a hill yet that I'm not cruising at 20mph up on all throttle!
Other e-Bikes I rode & tested, I usually had to start pedalling or worse, WALKING up the hill! 😂

Speaking of walking, the reason I bought this e-Bike in the first place was because my health has been very poor the past year, I caught Covid twice, in April 2021, & January 2022, & both times I almost died, & in May 2021 I was diagnosed with Long Term Covid.

I was forced my my health to retire, with NO PENSION because of the damage on my heart & lungs from Covid, I'm 47, but was breathing & walking line I was 80, all this, & now having no income debt me into a terrible depression, & made me basically a hermit, i just laid in bed & withered away. My brother & only friend also died in July 2021, so to say it was an awful year!

In March even worse need, my car got towed, & I had a little money left from income tax, & honestly, something inside me screamed; "LET IT GO!!!!" & me being someone that learned THE HARD WAY in life to learn to your conscious, I did just that, I let it go, & bought an e-Bike(it was a 2006 Pt Cruiser, not nothing new)

I ordered my Fiido after a month of obsessively reading reviews, watching the few YouTube videos, reading on forums, I needed a powerful bike for the hills, & need to be able to carry a child 1/2 the time, & groceries the other.

I was too PRIDEFUL to get a mobility scooter, so this was it's replacement, & what a great 1! I have ZERO REGRETS about letting my car go for this e-Bike, it's changed my life for the better, I lost 22lbs in 5 weeks, my blood pressure is lowered, I can walk 50% better now, & way further than I thought, & from laying around all that time, I developed blood clots in my legs, & pedalling this thing for exercise alleviated most of the pain, it also introduced me to a hobby I NEVER thought I'd like, photography! It's amazing all the things you don't know of in your city, until your on a bike, combing through all the nooks & crannies. It's so relaxing hearing that quiet "Whirrr" of the motor, & trying to find cool places to photograph.

If you're looking for a great all around e-Bike, that's packed with extras, has power to rest his for lunch, is comfortable for long trips, & can be dressed up to carry loads(with added pannier) or your little one(with added child seat, or pad) this is THE 1!
I used someone's code I found online, but if you this discount code: GhettoWedo74 you'll save $20 off, & also if ordering in the US, & I'm pretty sure the UK, you'll pay no sales tax, which is over an extra $100+ saved. I know if you pay with Paypal you can save $50, but not quite sure if they stack, it can't hurt to ask them if purchasing 1.

Thanks guys for having me as a part of this awesome community, & if you really like e-Bike, please subscribe to my YouTube channel I'm trying to start, R3v0lt e-Vlogs, I'll be posting my fault rides through Reno & surrounding areas with my GoPro, you NEVER KNOW what might happen in Reno, plus I'll be reviewing different e-Bikes, as well as all their prod6 & accessories I buy along the way. Have fun & GET OUT THERE!!!💯👍
I have had my Fiido T1 since NOV 2021, even though the frame has been recalled and replacement bike has been sent to me; I'm still riding the original T1.
I commute in NYC metro, I use the Fiido T1 as a cargo ebike to transport large volume of food items from a school to homeless shelter.
It's about a 12 mile round trip on the Fiido, takes about 40 minutes of saddle time with PAS 2 and using the throttle to start from stop.
Currently, I have about 1200 miles on the original T1, modified the replacement T1 PRO for my wife (4' 11", 149cm) to ride.