Looking for an e-bike in NZ


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New Zealand
I am almost 60 years old, currently unfit and overweight..heavily so.
I would like to move to an e-bike for my daily commute to Uni, where I am now a vintage student! My cycling experience is pretty limited, although did manage a 1/2 Ironman on a Specialised Roubaix 6 years ago, all the more amazing as I am terrified of clipping in so wore trainers, hate downhills (too much imagination) and had a climb of about 900m with associated downhills but still made it in 5.5 hours, completing in 6 was my goal so I am proud of this fact.

So looking at an affordable e-bike for a 21km there and 21km back commute to Uni. I live 140m (c. 450 ft) up a hill, so my only substantial climb will be the last km of my journey - I think the steepest gradient is about 15%.

I am afraid of speed, downhills etc. I think I would like hydraulic disc brakes, enough battery power to get me home, ability to ride in wind and rain, carry me…c 100kg plus my bag, say 10kg with laptop etc and iPad (books and notes)!

Would be open to suggestions of what I would need, hoping to get back over time to doing most of the ride myself, but doubt I will ever make the hill home.

Thanks in advance
The relatively light weight and utility of Tern bikes like the Vektron folder and Quick Haul model are worth a test ride. I'm partial to the converted Pashley bikes supplied by Adam Blackwell, not modern technology but drum brakes work fine in the rain. Also the Wisper Wayfarer seems a decent all rounder.