Looking for an E-Bike, 6'1" Tall, economical, racks for shopping bags


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I am comfortable riding my 61cm trek 1500 bike frame, and am looking for an E-Bike that might fit my needs.
-head looking forward, not at the asphalt (commuting around town)
-im 210 pounds
-want to carry around groceries, commute to work
-large battery is plus, not necessary
-economical, want it to be around $2000 or less, willing to go a little up
-not an ugly bike
-this bike might not exist but surprise me!

The izip e3 vibe fits all the dots but im not sure I would fit it. The iGo metro is also another nice choice, but again i'm not sure it would fit me
Honestly, if you start here:


and look at the pictures and the prices, you'll have a manageable pile of bikes. I think there are ten pages in the filter. Then you can read the reviews, maybe run Google searches.

Court, the owner of the site, does this work so we don't have to!
Hah, i was reading that very reviw category when you posted. I am more interested in the hands on experience of riders around my height/weight with the bikes covered on ebr. I wonder if, even despite the small frame sizes, if they still fit comfortably for long rides(like 1 hour).
sorry i havent seen a radwagon in person and thought they were bigger
most of the cargo bikes i have seen seem pretty big to me

the rad rover with some pannier bags on it might work, i really love my rad rover but being 5'6" it is too big for me, thinking your size would be perfect for it

good luck, keep us up to date on what you decide to buy
The metro is one of the bikes I covet, along with the evo city wave. So cute! I get the bullet point about looks!
So I ended up finding a cheap bike with a sort of relaxed riding position (with a 23inch frame!) below $1,500, but it is definitely pretty ugly, and looks like it has cheap components, the Daedalus 73t3. Theres also the E-glide SS which has a bigger frame than most and without options comes in at just over $1,000, and looks really good, but the frame is still a little small for me. For the time being I think I'm going to wait and see if the market changes, I'm not in a hurry to buy a bike just yet.