Latest Info on the Copenhagen wheel.


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Couple of emails from the boys at Superpedestrian:
Note that the release date is scheduled for Spring 2015

Hi Joe,
Thank you for your interest in the Copenhagen Wheel.
Yes, currently the hub will only be available in red. We will be shipping with silver rims.
The battery has 250 watt hours, which translates to 48 volts, ~5.2 amp hours.
We have not spec'd out the price of replacement batteries at this time as we do not anticipate the need for replacements for ~2 years.

Jan 06 13:23
Thanks for the reply. Reason I was asking about added batteries was to swap them out to increase my range during longer trips. Don't think 31 mile range from 250 Wh is possible, unless assist is minimal.

Hello Joe,
In the initial version the battery will not be removable, this is a design challenge we hope to solve in future iterations. Based on our testing, 31 miles is achievable with a considerable amount of assistance.
The removable battery is not going to be available until a later iteration. I noticed an access door in some of the videos which I thought was for access to the battery. I hope they reconsider that decision. I know having a replaceable battery would be a huge selling point for me.