Just for fun...

I have some ridding buddies who are new to cycling.

The robber stuffed the money – mostly $100 and $20 bills – into a bag hidden in his jacket and left. Nobody got a good look at his face, but when authorities reviewed the security camera footage, they noticed the man had an unusual gait, appearing to kick out his left foot as he walked. It was a key clue.

The robbery, detailed in federal court documents, was the first in a trio of brazen casino heists over the next three months totaling $164,000 and ending with the arrest and conviction of Caleb M. Rogers, who turned out to be an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
A new business moved in. It is called the Ascend Therapy Center. I wonder if they treat coccydynia.

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Thanks for sharing! When you live in earthquake country like I do, very comforting to know that you can get stuck in an overturned porta potty without wearing its contents.
The cop did put on gloves before touching the suspect. I will bet that he was pretty smelly.

In another story, they waited until a guy went in to the porta potty before lifting it with a crane at a construction site.

The city put a porta potty on a bike path. Guess what happened next. Which explicative is most fitting?

More than Just For Fun, this is kind of interesting. I am reading about Drake. He kicked butt over the Spaniards, was strategic, and opportunistic. Always able to improvise to overcome hardships. Totally dominant and aggressive. His ballast was golden. Also, loaded with 40 pound silver bars. He destroyed the Spanish invasion fleet. On maps he showed the American River that feeds to the Sacramento and in to the SF Bay but not the strategic and valuable large outlet bay itself. The Golden Gate. He talks of the 'white cliffs' like Dover of what is now called Drake's Bay but calls it an island and he puts it at a location that is now called Bodega Bay, a large protected harbor. He decorated the area maps with four non existent islands, to draw attention. New Abalion he named it. He also identifies what is now called the Russian River and Vancouver Island and the Inland Alaskan Passage. Queen Elisabeth knew that any published maps would get into enemy hands. That is why maps were highly edited with misinformation, lies. Yet, clues remained. Some were restored after her death. He returned from the first globe spanning journey as the richest and most influential man in England. Some of his treasure was first burred in France before returning to Plymouth. The queen was given a huge share upon his return and a spectacular crown from the Andes. She spent many days walking hand-in-hand walking with him in the gardens to hear of his adventures. All were jealous. Is the French treasure still there?

I'm trying to solve puzzle on internet.
So far my favorite is slip knot.


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I'm trying to solve puzzle on internet.
So far my favorite is slip knot.
That is the very least ominous form of that knot that I have seen. It is useful and QR, quick release. But if the bunny goes around the tree seven times instead of just one and then goes in the hole, it is a symbol of, I can't even say. Just that it is very Very Bad with an evil history imbedded. What you have shown is a practical nautical knot for useful purposes such as on farms. I had fun tying it, that is it until I quickly realized its larger symbolism and historical implications. Whoa.


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It's fun once you get it.
I have a rope to practice on.
But there goes the old saying, "If you don't know how to tie a knot tie a lot".


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That looks like a seppuku. No fun in that either. Ominous only and a sigh of self-harm, or to others. That is not for fun. Nasty.