Juggernaut Hub Duo Front Rack


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I had a feeling I should have bought a mid-drive instead of a hub drive for my first ebike. I like my Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Through quite a bit until I come back from the grocery store. I use the same rear shopping panniers on the ebike as I did on my analog bike. I can get as much as a month's worth of groceries using the panniers and a bungee cargo net for items stacked on the flat part of the rack. Only once did my analog bike front wheel seem to float a bit when going over bumps. Nearly every time on my Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Through the front wheel isn't making as much surface contact as when riding with no extra load on the back.
Going much slower helps, but I would like a better option. A front rack or basket may be the answer. I looked on the Biktix website for their front rack, but did not see it listed.
Are there any front racks that would fit the bolts on the front of the Juggernaut Hub Duo? As a second option would be a bolt on rack or basket. A frame mounted basket, but could be removed would be best as my manly ego would suffer to have it on all the time. Getting over step-throughs are not girl's bikes took me some time, but I love that style now.

Any suggestions of brands or key features would be most helpful and I thank you in advance.
Check out the other ebike manufacturers. They have more variety for front mount racks as long as they match the handlebar stem bolt patter with your bike it is good.
You will also have to add a spring between your frame and your front forks to help with the extra weight of the basket.
I really disliked having a front basket due to how made me feel the front wheel was unstable. Some people love it.
I opted for a rear carrier and I love it, very smooth. Mine is pretty good, once I hauled about 150lbs on it, the only thing I was worried about was my stopping power!