Is the EVO E-Stream FS 45 Street legal in the U.S?


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Where do I go to check these things?

I have noticed some comments about this bike where people were saying it's a great commuter bike. I thought you couldn't ride mountain bikes on the road? Am I misunderstanding something? I apologize. I don't know anything about MTB!
It is legal.
In California and few other states that have embraced the eBike classification (Class I, II, III), riding a bike that has 28mph top speed is perfectly legal. You may not ride it on certain mountain trails.
If you are respectful of the fellow trail users and not drawing too much attention, it should not be a problem. What instigates the authorities and other MTB riders is loud noise and high-speed dirt bike-like riding.
If you want a bike to commute on during the week and hit the trails with also a MTB is fine.