is a 75 x 18650 pack enough for a 36V Ev-Global-Motors


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So as a title states is 75 cell pack enough? I'd be ok with a shorter range. I would love the seamless look but worrying about too much draw

15x5 18650 fits perfect in a original enclosure

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It depends on your 18650 cell. Also, since it’s a 36V system, you’ll need 10x 18650’s in series so your total cell count will have to be a multiple of ten, so you should max out at 40 cells in that pack. Check what the max current draw is on the controller and motor (for example, 20A). And check the specs on your 18650’s (for example, 10A). Since you’ll stick 40 cells, there are 4 parallel banks meaning the battery pack should supply 40A of current without issue which is greater than the example of 20A the controller and motor will draw, so you should be good.
im actually gonna ditch the enclosure which will allow me to stick a greater number of cells in there? Hoping for a 100