How Many e-Bikes do you have and ride ??

Just one ebike: Ride1Up LMT'D with handlebar stem extension.


One analog bike: Trek Pure Sport.

DSCF1361 sm.jpg
Two Emtbs for myself and couple pickup truck.
I ride the biktrix daily to my workplace throttle helps get me there faster. Bulls 45 all mountain no throttle it's built like a Toyota land cruiser. I have ridden it through deep brackish water during hightide and heavy tropical rains.


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Hopefully folks new to e-Bikes will be encouraged to get involved, buy 'that' e-bike and get out on the Trail or road.
In Santa Cruz County, it's best to keep the ebike on the road. The trails get rutted out by the weight and torque of ebike (especially emoto), The analog riders are pissed and volunteers have to come (whenever they can get around to it) to fill the ruts. Be sure to check the rules and regulations in your county BEFORE getting on the trails. :)
Just got my second ebike with XP3.0, unlock class 3 👍
I just bought a roaster from Ride1up: a blast 😁.


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i currently have two; a vanmoof s3 for utility, with a detachable frame mounted child seat, and a scott addict rc eRide for commuting and pleasure rides. i also have a non-electric road bike, a specialized s-works aethos. i recently rode it again for a very short ride after a long absence due to medical concerns and i have to say, it's really a whole different world. like driving a finely tuned sports car vs a nice but completely uninspired sedan or compact SUV. i miss it.

my older daughter has a specialized sirrus x 4.0, and my youngest a little red public with training wheels. so far she seems uninclined to follow in anyone's wheel tracks!
I have 3 bikes, a Rize RX, a Biktrix Juggernaut and the Ariel Rider W-Class in my avatar, i ride all three and occasionally friends will ride the W-Class.
I don't let noobs anywhere near my middrives😁
Hi All,
I'm curious how many e-Bike you own ? I bought two Treks 6 years ago, an XM700 Commuter - Class 3
and a Powerfly 7 MTB / 90% Rail Trails. 12,000 miles. Love the bikes.

I'm in the process of buying a Trek Allant + 7s because the 60Nm of torque from my XM700 is starting
to pull at my 77 years legs and knees. Love the 75Nm on the Powerfly 7.

Besides your number of e-Bikes I'd love to hear from Trek Allant+7 riders...I'm not thrilled the Allant is
8 pounds heavier than my two 6 year bikes...Tough on the old back for lifting.

Anyone have car / hitch racks with ramps so no lifting ?

Hi John
I hope to see you on riding a Trek on the Connecticut Air Line Rail Trail some day.
I bought a hitch rack first along with my first eBike in 2019, however it is made of steel, and lighter models are aluminum..


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Only one ebike at the moment - an Allant+ 7S


As far as thoughts go - it's pretty awesome. This motor is actually rated at 85 Nm - which is quite a lot. I have about 3300 miles on this one as of today and don't have too many complaints. The fork does suck, but it's better than nothing. The top rear water bottle boss won't stay in - which I just need to fix myself because apparently 2 pro mechanics can't figure it out. It does seem to be a design flaw to give them a little credit, but it needs adhesive. 5mm rear dropout makes me sad too, but it works.

Other than that, it's pretty solid. I use it as a car-replacer, but ride it for fun too. It gets me in the saddle on those days I wouldn't otherwise ride because of weather, etc. Range is quite good if you contribute generously through the pedals. It's not bad on the sauce either, but not a bike for someone who doesn't like to pedal IMO.

OP mentions weight, and all I can say is - these are ebikes. I bought this one so I could carry stuff around, so it's already gonna be heavy. With my typical cargo, I think this is about 90 pounds, but it rides lighter than that. It's quite nimble. The only place I notice the weight is when I'm not moving. And especially on stairs. Stairs are tricky, but the walk mode makes it do-able without carrying. It requires some technique, but it works.

I'd probably buy one again if I had a do-over. The Specialized Turbo Vado is the only bike I'd consider its direct competition, and while it looks like a good one, I find the Bosch system to be a better choice. Prices right now too are kinda awesome. 3 grand at the moment for a new +7S - smokin' deal.

To the other thing, I have 5 other bikes - all analog & set up for different things.
Two (2): the first was converted from my Priority Continuum Onyx using a C1 kit and rides mostly like an acoustic bike with some help for hills and shorter distances. Weighs half as much as the Nevo.

Second is a R&M Nevo Automatic that has a bit more oomph and definitely shouts it’s an ebike. Love it. Very comfortable ride.

About to convert my partner’s Liv Alight DD using the C1 kit as well, once it’s a nice day.


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I have two Emtbs. I can only ride one, my Bulls Evo is parked in my living room not ridden in two weeks.
But it makes a pretty display.
I have three but I ride two. I have a Pedego Element for winter & an Electra Townie 10d for the rest of the year. The two bikes are completely different.
Two bikes is all iwill need. I have an old Toyota pickup 4x4 for rainy days.
I want to buy another ebike to replace the 4 year old Bulls. I give it another 3 years Then I will be looking for another back up ebike.
My hope is battery tech will improve and wouldn't it be nice if they upgraded existing bikes?
I sold one eBike today! So, I am down just to eight bikes total. Half are analog. One is a $2,000 never ridden new analog gravel adventure bike that I got as part of a settlement. It is not my size. I would sell it at half of retail. It could be converted, through frame. My go-to is a converted $600 bike that I upgraded and customized, and made a torque sensor mid-drive. It has full fenders, premium touch points, a rack and panniers, with gravel tires. What is cool is that no one can tell that it is an electric bike. That is unless they have a highly trained eye. Am I a hoarder? Bikes are a lot like guitars. Each is different. The Edge of U-2 fame tours with 20-40 guitars.
It does make a difference. Every bike handles and performs different from the other
Same with guitar or ukulele. Not proficient at neither but with correct person strumming it sound can be an alluring experience.
My bikes behave in a similar fashion
It does make a difference. Every bike handles and performs different from the other
Same with guitar or ukulele. Not proficient at neither but with correct person strumming it sound can be an alluring experience.
My bikes behave in a similar fashion
I do not think Edge plays Chinese crap guitars or applies a throttle (so the guitar plays itself) :)

It is the guitarist who plays the instrument.
It is the cyclist who rides an e-bike.
Not the other way.
You can keep saying Chinese made product is garbage You are only degrading your ebikes.
Your ebikes are made in Taiwan You say?
Not a country recognized by any on mainland China.
Stephan My point is. I don't care where my bike was made
My Bulls bike is made in Vietnam and my Monte Capro is assembled in Canada with Chinese parts.
I'm happy with both. And know the difference when riding.
Listening to guitar or ukulele. Made in China or who knows where it's made.
I don't care if made in China as long as it sounds good while I'm cutting into my medium rare steak and side of green salad and Heavily buttered potato.
It only proves how little you know about guitars.

Besides, I do not perceive Edge of U2 as the greatest guitarist in the world. He is a mediocre musician who made his music based on the tone, not on the skill :) He behaves as if he had 20-40 e-bikes available on a 80 km ride, and was changing the e-bike every 2-4 km :D
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