Hi ! i am living in Belarus ) Almost impossible to buy spare parts here ! Maybe someone has something from this list ?


1 Bosh Tube Horizontal 500 with rubber protection cover ( 2 items )
2 Bosch Nyon bui275 ( not the new version ) the oldest one ( wide ) ( maybe even with cable to charge smartphone ( Type C - micro USB)
3 Bags to carry additional battery like Bosh Tube Horizontal 500
5 Charging for bosch e-bike batteries ( better 4Amper )
4 List of items to install additional battery :
Power cable for Bosch Powerpack battery (ebike24.com)


Bosch E-Bike Cover Cap for Frame Battery Charging Socket (ebike24.com)


Pin cover for Bosch eBike battery holder (ebike24.com)


Bosch E-Bike mounting set for frame battery pack - Active / Performance (ebike24.com)


Bosch Active/ Performance frame battery holder (ebike24.com)


BOSCH EBIKE Dualbattery Kit Y-adapter - 515/430mm (ebike24.com)


Lock cover for Bosch Active/ Performance battery (ebike24.com)


Lock for Bosch Active Performance frame battery (ebike24.com)


Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh frame battery (eBike24.com)

Tnx a lot !


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My question is: Can you order parts from an online store in Germany or not? (The rest is irrelevant here).
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Dima, please do not offend well-known members of the Forum, especially Mulezen (who was actually positive in his post).
My question is: Can you order parts from an online store in Germany or not? (The rest is irrelevant here).
Hi! ,no i can not order parts officially via website ( i also have tried to enroll here https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/ to have a possibility to buy spare parts at a flea market ) but i could not
i also have a message for you and well know members of this forum ( please do not interfere all in one heap here ) let's discuss topics related to ebike , not about war Putin , Biaden ( as on a picture above ) , nuremberg execution etc here ! Tnx a lot !
Unfortunately, the war is there. (And your country as well as Ukraine are my nearest neighbours).
That's probably why you cannot order in the EU.
(Besides, ignore the troll Rome, and less but still a troll Pedaluma).