Hello from Seattle

Terry Perdue

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I recently purchased a Gazelle Cityzen C8 for my wife, but have admittedly been hogging it. I've very happy with it, but have one question that the bike shop wasn't able to answer.

As received, the front spokes came VERY close to the brake assembly. When spun by hand, none touched, but when riding, my weight (175) caused one or more spokes to hit the housing. I loosened the two bolts that attach the housing to the fork, and was barely able to find a position that prevented the spokes from hitting without causing the disk to drag on a brake pad. Is there a reason why this spacing is so close as to make this adjustment so critical?
If you get a larger rotor and the appropriate taller caliper (what you call the housing) mount it should take care of the problem as it will increase the distance from the spokes as the spokes angle inward from the hub. This is not the norm btw and the shop should take care of this problem for you. Lots of times larger rotors are speced on the front so it will not unusual in that regard.