Aventon Pace 500.2 clicking sound in front brakes.


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I have developed a clicking sound when I apply and release the front brakes. LBS says it is not to worry about as it is the piston hitting the calipre. Not the case because it doesn't do it on my back brake. Aventon is not of much help but I have found out that as the pads hit the rotor, the clicking sound comes from the movement of the pads in the housing. My temporary solution is to put a small piece of a wooden skewer into the assembly to eliminate the movement and clicking noise. It doesn't affect the pad or caliper travel. A stupid fix for a $1,500 bike. Anyone else have this issue?
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I changed my brake pads out to a different brand on one of my bikes and picked up that click. May be an easy fix that I am not aware of currently, but I never felt unsafe stopping after 500 miles on the new pads. Annoying yes, concerning, some. But in the end for me no big deal.

Side safety note: Adding a shim into the assembly could possibly cause worse issues than leaving it out. imagine it jamming up and causing 1) a constant brake pad against a rotor, or 2) jamming up the caliper and no brakes.
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