Dear Everybody,

We are Addmotor, a professional eBike seller from Guangzhou (China). We entered the eBike Market over one year ago and made big steps to improve quality and design of our Bikes. Addmotor takes big efforts to guarantee a high quality for a very reasonable price. Of cause we can't compete with Haibike yet. But we have big aims. Currently we are primarily selling our products on the North American market. Very soon we will also enter the European market as well. Our bikes can be watched on our website: as well as on Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Once you see our Bikes you might be amazed, shocked or frightened. But dont worry, these Bikes are very comfortable to ride and will take everybody's attention on the street.

We are always open for any constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to contact us. To give you some impressions about us and our bikes I added some pictures here below.

13221283_1755649781333455_6209054019894810287_o.jpg Addtitle11.jpg eb323-17_96.jpg eb323-29_12.jpg eb525-28_12.jpg
Very glad to have you as part of our community, Addmotor! Looking forward to hearing more about your electric bikes. Please keep promotions and commercial conversations in the dealer section here.