Haibike SDURO Cross SM being discontinued?

Barry S

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One of the few ebike dealers in my area is advertising the Haibike SDURO Cross SM for $1999, which looks like a decent price when comparing it with other shops. Oddly, I cannot find any mention of it on Haibike's website, and the specs for the bike are vague on the dealer's website. Even on YT I can't find any thorough reviews. Is this model being discontinued? Any input on this model as a daily commuter (16 miles RT with a few hills but all paved) for a rider that's 220#? And does "SM" stand for "mid-step", because I found one site where the "SL" model is followed up with "low-step."

For those who have seen my posts, I've been talking for months on getting an ebike so I don't have to arrive at work like a soaked beach towel. For over 2 years, I've been cranking my Trek FX 7.2 and it beats sitting in traffic, but it doesn't get easier as I get older. I was hoping to have the finances in hand this past Christmas, but life happened and the ebike is on hold. I still like the E-Glide ST, but for the same price (after delivery) I can get the Haibike from a LBS. Not sure how the 500w Yamaha mid-drive on the Haibike measures up against the 500w Dapu rear hub geared motor on the E-Glide when it comes to hill climbing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as always.
I also had an fx 7.2 that I used (still use)and I was commuting with it (an 18-19 mile roundtrip).

Thanks to the feedback I received on these forums I went for an Xduro Cross Rc which should be very similar to the Sduro Cross you are looking for (same year just Yamaha instead of Bosch). Although I purchased it online the shipping was quick and assembly was painless (I am just dealing with rear brake adjustment but it is nothing major).

I am simply in love with the bike, the geometry is really good for commuting, the frame is beautiful, it is capable of light trails and it is way more comfortable then my trusty Fx. I just wanted a little more comfort and convenience and it delivers.
Although I like Bosch CX I tried both Yamaha and Bosch and Yamaha was also really nice and I would be perfectly happy with one. Actually since I am only using Eco and sometimes turn the motor off, Yamaha felt better when you ride it without power and for the 20mph speed cap I am not really seeing Bosch system's advantage.

For the price I think you can do better (if you buy online you can definitely do better) I believe 2017 Entry level Sduro Hardnines (Hardnine's have same size wheels) are on sale for $1999 and since this one is a 2016 you should be able to get a better deal.

But again, these bikes are fantastic deals for $2K and under.
@Johnny my Haibike dealer is only carrying the Full Seven and Hard Seven, and the lowest price is $2799 for a Hard Seven 4.0. I'm sure I could get a better deal online, but then the shipping to Honolulu would kill the total price. I also checked Haibike's warranty, and they make it clear that they want you to work with the dealer you got it from and not a different Haibike dealer. So, I could potentially run into issues if I take my Haibike purchased online to my LBS. From Haibike's website:

"When you bought your Haibike you entered into a legal contract with your dealer. If warranty and liability claims as well as any other service questions arise, that dealer is your sole point of contact. However, if you should chose to make a claim for your Haibike with a dealer other than the original seller, additional costs may incur. We do, however, not cover these costs. We therefore strongly urge you to settle any issues with the seller of your Haibike."

I think I'm going to pass on the Haibike for now, but I might go by and check out the SDURO SM that the LBS has on sale.
Ah I didn't realize you were living in Hawaii. In that case buying it from your LBS would be the best thing to do since shipping would be a problem.
Again for $1999 I still think it is a great bike and price, especially given your location, (a torque sensing chinese kit would be at least 1000 and it will not be as reliable, well integrated or smooth as yamaha system, the bike itself is also very well made).

Good luck.
PCDoctor, I have the exact bike in the EBR review posted above. The hard seven SM, It is a fantastic ebike and I couldn't be happier. you will have no trouble completing your commute as described. The "SM" designation is for the "entry level" model. The main difference between this and higher spec models is the LED control module. There are only 3 power settings, no total odometer, current speed, est range to empty, and battery % remaining. It is also hard wired and non removable. On the other hand, it is bullet proof.