1. M

    Replacement SKS fenders for SDURO 6.0 trekking 2018

    I’ve recently purchased a 6.0 trekking 2018 model. Loving it so far, but I need to source replacement fenders as both mine were damaged. The dealer said Haibike USA don’t stock replacement OEM parts (which surprised me). SKS replied to my email and said ask your dealer. Has anyone replaced...
  2. OldNSlow

    Initial Thoughts - S Duro Trekking 9

    I picked up my 2018 S Duro Trekking 9 from @sandiegoflyrides on September 30. I had a great experience with Max and the team there. I have the Large Frame, I'm 6' and a 32" inseam. It fits well, but honestly I probably should have gone down to a Medium or a low step. The seat post is at the...
  3. Barry S

    Haibike SDURO Cross SM being discontinued?

    One of the few ebike dealers in my area is advertising the Haibike SDURO Cross SM for $1999, which looks like a decent price when comparing it with other shops. Oddly, I cannot find any mention of it on Haibike's website, and the specs for the bike are vague on the dealer's website. Even on YT I...
  4. J


  5. D

    Sduro All mtn rc 2016 display not registering correct speed

    Hi Folks, I've only had my bike for 5 months now. I do quite a bit of technical trail riding that involves jumps, bunny hops, manuals and wipeouts. Haven't had any serious crashes. More of me falling off the bike then the bike crashing thus far. I've noticed for last number of rides, my...
  6. D

    Sduro yamaha all mtn SC 2016 motor issues when climbing

    I have been taking my bike out on technical rides a bit above my skill level. There's usually some steep climbs up muddy power line roads/paths... I have noticed that when on a long climb where I have lost momentum and the forward motion is purely dependent on my pedal power, the motor will...
  7. A

    SDURO ALLMTN PLUS - Fantastic !!!

    Hi. After long deliberations, tons of on-line reviews I jumped into the pool and bought SDURO ALLMTN PLUS. I was a bit worried about the negative tester's comments about Haibike upright geometry, it turned out to be a complete bull. The bike is absolutely fantastic. I climbed 3,000ft and...
  8. D

    '16 Sduro All Mtn rc, mini usb for iphone 6 recharging? what's widest tires I can swap in?

    Hi fellas, I recently bit the bullet and bought a 2016 model on a closeout sale. I'm waiting for the bike to get to the bike shop and have it ready, maybe few days after Thanksgiving. Anyone know if the mini usb port on the left handlebar can be used to charge an iphone 6s? Anyone know...
  9. e_adventure

    ebike for a hilly commute

    Greetings, I am in the market for a new ebike. After much online research, looking through these forums, and trying out some bikes at my local shop, I think I could use some experienced opinions from the ebike community. I have a long bicycle commute to work, and there are lots of hills at...
  10. Forceaxis

    Shutup and take my money!!!!! SDuro Full Fatsix

    Guys..... and girls..... Have you seen this thing!!! Has anyone had any experience with this model or is it just that new? I would like to buy one in the US but I just wanted to get a little feedback as to how the ride is and if there are any pitfalls? P.S. This thing looks amazing. Force.
  11. Tara D.

    Haibike SDURO HardSeven SM Video Review

    The least expensive Haibike out there. Keep in mind that if you are taking this off road and you are riding aggressively and shifting quickly that will take a toll on the drivetrain. You can charge the battery on the bike which is great.
  12. Tara D.

    Haibike SDURO HardLife SL Video Review

    This is a nicely balanced nimble Women's Hardtail ebike. The great thing about the battery is that it slides out the side vs lifting out which really looks like it works better with the frame. I really like that it has a 2 year comprehensive warranty and a 5 year warranty on the frame...