FREY AM1000 V6 - too specialized?


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I'm an all round ebike rider. I love the trails, having a "little" adventure through some single track, as well riding with my wife on gravel/paved trails. I'm 67 yrs old, but I haven't given in to not having fun on my bike. I'm looking at getting a full suspension but I am hesitant on making the commitment on purchasing the new FREY AM1000 V6. I'm wondering if it's design with offset tires, is more for aggressive mtb. If anyone has this bike please chime in and let me know if you'd consider this for pavement, as well as tough trails... Or if you have other suggestions for an all round full suspension i'd be interested. I'm in Canada so I must consider what companies will do cross border shipping.
I have a similar bike, a different brand, and it's a hard tail. I think it's a pretty awesome "hybrid"/do it all bike for my purposes. Mine is used mostly on paved or hard packed surfaces, with a lot of coastal hills. I found that tires like the ones shown in the website pics (knobby designs) are noisey when run on pavement. The faster you go, the noisier they are. Just like the off road tires on pick up trucks, they can sometimes be heard from quite a distance. A change to pavement tires is a call you need to make for your purposes. Check out the Schwalbe Super Moto-X in the 27.5x2.8" size for a pretty popular paved surface option that works OK when off road as long as the surface isn't too loose - where the knobby designs will be necessary.

The motor they offer (Bafang M620/Ultra) is a torque monster. Very easy to ride as it's not real picky about what gear you're in. The Frey website shows it as being a UART type. That's a REALLY big deal with this motor as that feature will allow for custom programming to fit YOUR riding style. There's a new style most other manf's are using where that feature (custom tuning) has been disabled. In your conversations with them, I would suggest you confirm they are shipping their bikes with the UART version of the M620. Frey offers what they call the "Smooth" tune for the Ultra based motors that really civilizes the Ultra, leaving them with performance and "ride ability" that's pretty much the best available anywhere at any price.....

As far as rear suspension, that's your call. Very nice option for off-road, maybe not so much when on paved/hard packed surfaces (extra weight). A set of 2.8" tires offers a great ride to start with, and you can add a quality seat and suspension seat post to that, and get a pretty decent ride without the rear suspension... Your call! -Al