Freway VR-01 Ebike Review!

Ann M.

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Super lightweight, 43lb electric bike, 5 year warranty on major bike components and 2 years on the battery is a nice setup. Court seems to have some questions about the advertised 60 mile range from a 36V system, but there are some built in pluses like rear rack bosses and waterbottle cage mounts (;)) on a pretty sweet looking set up. The Freway VR-01 Ebike is a light weight, super affordable electric mountain bike launched on Kickstarter in 2015, available on Amazon and Newegg now. Available in two frame sizes, a 19" diamond in black or a 17" mid-step in white, quick release front wheel, removable battery, 27 speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain. Fancy backlit color LCD touch screen display that isn't removable unfortunately, nice hydraulic disc brakes with average 160 mm rotors but not motor inhibitors. Awesome 5 year frame and 2 year motor + battery warranty but some translation issues on the website and a greatly inflated range estimate.
Piggy-backing on Court's mention that Newegg and Amazon now carry this bike, be sure to read the buyer reviews there as well as Court's. Court's a savvy ebike consumer and so understands the compromise inherent e.g. in brakes not including motor inhibitors. The Newegg/Amazon buyers are seeing this product through a different, mostly tabula rasa lens and see their own set of compromises. Lots of 'lost in translation' comments, too. Looks like this one is a mix of some sizzle with only some steak for a price-first buyer, altho' it's always nice to have more choices. Five year warranty on a first product, only just introduced by a new company? Let's put that in the 'irrelevant' column...