Electra Townie 8i chain


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My Townie 8i has 2000 Kms on it so I'm looking to replace the chain. The specs say it has a KMC Z1EHX nickel plated 1/2 x 1/8 but mine is a KMC e10 Sport 1/2 x 11/128. The internal 8 gear hub is a Shimano Nexus 20T and the motor is a Bosch Active Line, chainring 170mm 38T. Bike was made in 2019. First was wondering why the e10 chain when specs say otherwise and it doesn't seem to be a direct replacement. It has worked well for the bike's 1st 2000 kms. Opinions on what would be best on this bike? Or for those who have one, what's on yours?
I sometimes try new products. I ordered a couple of chains a few days ago and used one today. These are extra-high-quality and an amazing value. I first used Goo-B-Gone with laundry soap in a jar with a little water to strip off the packing grease. And then soaked in in nano-wax.