Ecotric Bison many problems at less than 50 miles.


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I bought a used Ecotric Bison with 30 miles on it.
The second ride up a 1000foot steep hill the controller failed, also the phase connectors were heat damaged.
I installed a used 30a KT controller. the first ride with the new controller up a 1000foot steep hill the magnets broke free inside the motor. It made a loud scraping noise.
I have glued the magnets back in place using JB weld and epoxy thinned with acetone. the bike is working now but I do not trust it anymore!
Probably explains why they sold it with only 30 miles
I just spent over $400 on a new battery and it was barely a year old and 70 miles
I've spent more time repairing than riding
They're junk as far as I'm concerned and ZERO customer service
The sad part is I enjoy riding the bike the fat tires grip the dirt well. I hope my battery lasts, $400 is scary expensave.
Batteries can fail at anytime but mine was obvious poor workmanship when i opened it up
Ecotric could care less