Domane+ motor assist button help please


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Sorry I am new to this bike, but I'm wondering 2 things about the motor assist buttons.

1. Has anyone experimented with an alternate placement relative to factory? They sit pretty far recessed, to the lip of the hoods. So, I really have to roll/side my thumb base far to hit the button. I was thinking of trimming the rubber on the hood or cutting a slot so that the buttons would slide up closer to my thumbs. Anyone done this?

2. I don't suppose there is a hack to change the off motor press to simply the ordinary press (not such a long press). That long press requires more concentration than I would prefer, and I'd like it to be just the ordinary press. I suspect that is impossible.

I can relate, have +slr7 and did try alternate locations when re-wrapping the bar. Ended back with original positioning. Works for me with index finger around lever, thumbs just atop buttons. Buttons are out of the way with full grip. FWIW have +7 degree stem, moved the levers up the bar a bit from where Trek mounted them.

The button brackets have limited articulation (pretty much only a swivel) giving me awkward button orientations in just about any alternate/limited location about the hood. The bracket material is brittle as well, new set of buttons cost me $70 :) They fit best on the levers as they came and as shown on Trek's website.

I gotten used to holding down that power button until the led's scale off entirely. I believe intent is preventing me from inadvertently turning off the power during a ride.