Currie rep at Crazy Lenny's Sat 9-27-14


The sales representative for Currie Technologies will be at Crazy Lenny's E-bikes on Saturday September 27th 2014. Stop in and ask your questions, check out the bikes and find out about what is in the pipeline. Hope to see you then.
That's cool! Where is your shop located in case people want to swing by and live in close proximity? Also, once the event is over it would be fun to hear how it went and what they showed. Feel free to post pictures and stuff :)
We are on the corner of Research Park Blv. and Odana Rd. in Madison Wisconsin We'll be sure to post some pictures on our site and here too. Hours noon till 6 Sat I'm always here a bit ahead too. If you can't make it personally I'll be glad to pass along any questions anyone has.
Here are some pix from Sunday's event:

036.JPG 040.JPG 034.JPG 034.JPG 040.JPG 030.JPG

Had a good time with the Currie Rep and got to see some of the models we don't carry and prototypes for new models and features such as improved displays and dash pads for the the Peak and Dash. One upcoming model we only saw pictures of the Sumo was exciting a fat bike enthusiast's dream...