Cosmopolitan - No power, less than one year old


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Got a Magnum Cosmopolitan about 10 or 11 months ago, have been pleased until two weeks ago. Charged the battery, it shows charged with the blue light, but the bike does nothing. Won't power on. The voltmeter shows only 1.6 V coming straight from the battery terminals.
Might be a fuse in your battery, which I'm not familiar with. Not that many batteries have user accessible fuses, but some still do, Yours appears to have one inside.

This link talks about the fuse. You have to open up the battery. Check with your seller to see if you have any warranty left before you do that,
Ahh. Good thinking. I believe it's covered for a year so we have a month or two. I won't mess with it beforehand but need to get moving. Thank you for your thoughts on this. As I type, I'm thinking this through...
If it is a fuse situation, the battery is indeed charged and the blue light is a sensor related directly to the battery cells. However, the fuse must be between the cells and the output terminals. Not sure (a) why a fuse would be there, and (b) why a battery with a fuse in such a place would show 1.6 volts though (seems it should show 0). I don't know. Check warranty is step one but any other ideas may help. :)
I have the same problem (battery charged giving blue light but bike will not energize). My local shop is calling these the "COVID Magnums". He said Magnum has replaced bikes for two of his customers whose bikes were under warranty. Sadly, my bike is a couple months past the 1 year. I am waiting to hear from my shop and Magnum.