Himiway Cruiser power bar settings.


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After only having become a recent Himiway Cruiser I have a question.

I have only completed a few rides and have charged the battery after each ride. That was until a couple of days ago, when I headed out for an 18 mile ride with three bars of power remaining on the console.

5 miles from home the bike lost power then stopped. The battery was drained, despite showing two bars remaining. Trying to ride and push the bike up the 5 mile hill to home, certainly wasn't fun with no power.

Could someone be kind enough to go into the voltage settings on the console and let me

know what the correct voltage is for each of the five indicated bar settings.
I have a feeling that mine are incorrect.

File attached showing menu setting.
Not at my bike currently, but double check that your bike is set to 48v. In case you need help checking

Many thanks for the reply, and good call. I can confirm that the voltage is set to 48v, it seemsto be the battery bar voltage status that is out, and I unsure what each level should be.
Try a factory reset on the controller. If you made any changes reapply, minus the voltage stuff. Also, having a volt meter is a handy cheap tool to have for checking the batteries. Fully charged should show a bit above 54v.
Not sure if you figured out your issue - but I recently reprogramed the controller to display what I feel would be more accurate battery life readouts, and highly recommend doing so. I have only had a few rides, and haven't run the battery all the way down, so don't have a lot of data to base off of, but so far using these voltages has been reflective of the power consumed and range left.
80% - 51.9V
60% - 49V
40% - 45.9V
20% - 42.6V
0% - 39V