Powerpack 400 incomplete charging


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I bought a used Townie Go! 8i with 62 Kms on it in July and now (October) it has about 1700 Kms on it. There is no warranty left. Active line, Purion with a Powerpack 400 and 4 amp charger. A few weeks ago when charging it started doing incomplete charges. The 5 LEDs on the battery would remain on instead of all going out at the end of the charge session. They remain that way no matter how long I leave it on the charger and does this on or off the bike. This does result in a less than 100% charge and the usual range is less. If I unplug the charger until all LEDs go out and plug it back in the 5th LED flashes and after about 20 minutes all LEDs go out and the battery is at 100%. Nothing gets unusually hot and all works well besides this. Bosch customer service did not provide any info except to tell me to take it to a dealer and try a reset by holding the battery power button in for 15 seconds, of which did not change anything. I will get it checked once the season is over, just wondering if there's a problem with me using it like this. Any thoughts on why it's doing this or advice is greatly appreciated.
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