I think I killed my battery pack. Advice?


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Hi there,

The weather was nice today, so I pulled my wife's ebike (Lectric XP Lite) out of storage to check the battery and take it for a test ride. The battery, according to the bike, was at 60%. Right where I left it in October.

I decided to use my fancy new-ish charger... [foreshadowing] I connected it up, plugged the charger into the mains, heard a faint click within the pack and... nothing. The charger kept showing a green light which either means fully charged, or a problem with the connection. I then tried the much crappier charger that came with the bike. Same symptoms. Not sure about the click though.

As it turns out, one of the three barrel-jack connector/adaptors that came with my nice charger was wired backwards from the other two. I bet you can guess which of the three I randomly used! Yep. I bet you can guess which one I didn't use when I verified that the polarity was correct immediately after receiving the charger several months ago! Also yep. One of the non-reversed ones. Guess which of those three I just threw away? Wow, you're on a roll.

So yeah. The battery no worky now. Bike doesn't turn on with pack installed. Bike does turn on with pack installed and connected to a (good) charger. Lectric says the pack is defective and will sell me a new pack for $225 or so. That's fine.

But I was wondering if there was a fix. Does my battery have some protection circuitry that can be reset? Perhaps the whole BMS can be replaced? The cells are probably fine, right? (We put about 5 miles on this pack before the weather changed.)

If all else fails, is there someone I could give/sell this pack to? Again, I assume the cells are probably fine, and they should be upcycled somehow.

Thanks! Yes, I'm an idiot!
Anything is possible but there's rarely a fuse on the charge circuit. Better BMS' have reverse polarity protection. You've probably damaged the charging circuit. If the manufacturer isn't telling, then the only way to know would be to open it up. It is possible to replace the BMS.
Probably best to take it to a professional as it's not something a novice should attempt.