Lectric Lite Won't Charge


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My Lectric Lite has 190 miles on it and it's been nothing but fun until 2 days ago when it would not charge. I ended up taking a "scenic" route home which completely drained the battery for the first time so I had to pedal the last mile or so. Compared to other ebikes Ive pedalled the Lite was a breeze but once I got home and plugged it in to charge it does nothing. The light stays green even though the battery is obviously dead. I bought this bike from a neighbor who only rode it a few times and since I borrowed it from her more than she ever used it she sold it to me. I doubt I'd get any help from them since I bought it second hand so hopefully someone here will have an answer for me. The bike is less than a year old and has always been stored indoors. I've tried 2 other chargers besides the one that came with the bike but no luck. Thanks in advance for any assistance
Does the battery stay on the bike, and the charger plugs into the bike somewhere? Or are you able to take the battery out and connect the charger directly to it? If the latter, you might need to buy a new battery from Lectric. But if the former, there's a chance that a connection is loose somewhere between the receptacle and the battery.
Since you are close enough to your neighbor to have borrowed the bike multiple times, maybe your neighbor could contact Lectric for you.
I may be totally wrong on this but I've found if power tool batteries are "too dead" the charger will not register that they are connected to start charging them. I wonder if the same thing is going on here?

I know this video is for a power tool battery but it'll give you the general idea :

Do you have another battery that you can "jump" your dead battery? It doesn't even have to be another Lectric battery - just something to bring the battery voltage to above the threshold for the charger to recognize that the battery is connected and needs to be charged.

Good luck - please let us know if this works for you.