Careful of Dost Bike Co.

Any bike or ebike is just a collection of various ancillary parts made by various manufacturers.

Part of the fun of making your bike your very own, personalized vision of what you think your bike should be, is researching, buying and installing those upgraded parts.

But it takes a bit of research, say, like inspecting or even measuring the diameter of your seat post; going to a respected vendor.......let me use a favorite of mine: Universal Cycles.......... and buying an upgraded seat post. But take it a step further; replacing that OEM seat with an upgraded saddle. Want to really splurge? Look at a Kinekt suspension seat post.

I can almost guarantee you that you can find a far better replacement bag from a top notch pannier bag maker like an Ortlieb or Revelate or Arkel. Side mirror? Have you looked at what Hafny has?

Let Dost be your seller for a new motor throttle and stuff related to the edrive system. And even at that, I know we have some very, very knowledgable folks here who can steer you to replacement parts for that edrive system & those replacement parts sold by reputable sellers.. All you have to do is ask. That way, you can avoid the source of your agitations!

Why bother to continue playing ring around the mosey with the people who have been taking you for a ride with one excuse after another? Have your credit card service folks deal with them and you move on. Good luck with whatever route you go.
Thanks Mike! Great advice! I'll do that. And I'm sure I can find a top bag that will fit my bike rack. It may not match the two panniers, but that's okay, too. And I can get side mirrors anywhere, too.
Always pay with a credit card, always.
I paid the total amount for pre-order to DOST via credit card on 12/20/22. Dost kept pushing the delivery date ahead every 3 months (suspiciously) as my VISA can only help within a 90 day range. I requested a refund in 09/23! Still no bike or refund.
NOT a good look for a Canadian company. BTW I have carefully kept all correspondence. Hoping the Canadian government can hurry up with an investigation into this Ponzi Company.
Has anyone been able to get their refund? It's been a year since I was promised my parts. Plus, I paid extra for the extended warranty. If this company goes out of business, I lose out on the money I paid for the parts and warranty. At least, I got a good bike. But the overall costs are much higher.

I'm so disappointed because I read the reviews here and felt that I was making an informed decision.

Who should I complain to? The Better Business Bureau in Vancouver?

I think I'll go with my LBS from now on. Many of them have been in business for decades, and they pride themselves on making things right. There are so many good bikes out there that my next bike will do just fine without the hassle I've had this year.