Call for Pedego Pictures!


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Hi guys!

If you own a Pedego electric bike, rented one recently, took a tour or just happened to try one out for a test ride and got some awesome pictures please share them here. I'm looking for great shots to feature on the homepage of and nothing is better than the real thing!

Pedego is one of the brands that generously sponsors this site and that allows me to keep on filming independent ebike reviews with video, full written descriptions, comments and even this ebike forum.

Please keep in mind, the homepage image is long and narrow... so that's the best kind of image to share. I've attached an example below to help get you started. And don't worry I'll edit it and crop it to the right size. By sharing here you consent to have the picture displayed on the site but if for some reason you change your mind I'll be happy to remove it for you, time permitting :)

Here's a couple. The first one shows it in the man cave. The second reminds me of a rodeo when the camera shows the cowboy before his bronco or bull is released.

shipping-pedego-interceptor-ebike.jpg unpacking-pedego-interceptor-electric-bike.jpg

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